Etsy SEO

8 Etsy SEO Tips to Help Your Customers Find You

Today, running Darkhorse Gifts is a full-time job for Aydon Cuddington and Kirk Quesnelle, but it wasn’t always that way. Before they had a firm understanding of search engine optimization (SEO), they were running an Etsy store that sold high-quality, custom-engraved gifts, but they weren’t maximizing their traffic — and by extension, their revenue. However, once they understood Etsy search and the power of keywords — particularly how to utilize…

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brand awareness for ecommerce

Does Brand Awareness Matter for Ecommerce?

The logic is so simple, it’s almost circular: before someone buys from you, they must know about you. Here enters the metric known as “brand awareness,” something marketers everywhere are striving towards and at which every CFO is rolling their eyes. In ecommerce, where it is often difficult to truly differentiate purely on product features, we often have to fight for mind share and an emotional connection. Why, after all, does one choose a…

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selling on ebay

Selling on eBay: A Beginner’s Guide for Online Retailers

In 2011, Justin Dube, a motorcycle enthusiast, lost his job as a convenience store manager and was struggling to make ends meet, so he started a side business dismantling motorcycles and selling the parts on eBay. He made his first sale on the same day he posted his first listing, and by 2012, he was shipping more than $5,300 worth of parts to people worldwide each month. “That’s how our…

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full time etsy shops

How 5 Retailers Turned Their Etsy Shops into Full-Time Jobs

With more than 60 million items in its marketplace, and total sales of nearly $4 billion in 2018, Etsy is one of the most popular platforms for online sellers. While many of its users sell their wares simply to share their creative works or supplement their incomes, others have turned their Etsy stores into full-time endeavors. In fact, about 26% of sellers run their Etsy shops as full-time businesses, according…

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Voice Search

Ecommerce and Voice Search: 8 Factors Brands Need to Consider

With over 67% of millennials and 56% of Gen Xers preferring to shop online, there’s no doubt that ecommerce is a valuable market to tap into now more than ever. Not to mention there are more people are shopping online today than ever before. Buying stuff online is by no means just a fad, it’s a lifestyle. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to make it big online. There’s a ton…

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Amazon Sales Tax

Amazon Sales Tax: Everything You Need to Know

There’s a lot involved in running an e-commerce business — from managing inventory to fulfilling orders — and in many ways, Amazon has simplified these steps for online retailers, especially through Fulfillment By Amazon. However, while Amazon can collect sales tax on a seller’s behalf, it’s the seller’s responsibility to determine where that sales tax needs to be collected. This can be especially complicated for online retailers because sales tax…

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Ecommerce Video

Ecommerce & Video: 5 Ways to Use Video for Business Growth in 2019

The play button has become the greatest call-to-action. In the last few years, a lot of traditional content marketing has transitioned to video. Since the introduction of YouTube, businesses have started to create their own channels to increase brand awareness, share product information, generate traffic, and boost consumer engagement through video marketing. As a result, businesses have seen a dramatic increase in business growth, sales, and revenue. But if you…

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FBA fees

Everything You Need to Know About FBA Fees

Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) enables ecommerce retailers to store their products in Amazon warehouses — regardless of whether they actually sell on Amazon — and lets Amazon handle the packing and shipping of those products. In addition to offering fast fulfillment, FBA also provides customer service for retailers, as well as certain marketing advantages, such as being eligible for Super Saver Shipping and Amazon Prime. Because of these benefits, FBA…

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UPC codes on Amazon

A Guide to Buying UPC Codes in Order to Sell on Amazon

Ecommerce continues to grow as more stores appear online and more sellers choose to sell on online marketplaces. As ecommerce grows, it also evolves. For example, an online marketplace like Amazon has multiple product categories available, insightful customer reviews attached to most listings, and search history to guide shoppers. Features like these make for an enjoyable experience for customers. Another way ecommerce is evolving is the emergence of brick-and-mortar retail…

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Selling on Jet

10 Things All Sellers Should Know Before Selling on

There are hundreds of online marketplaces for sellers to choose from. Amazon, eBay, and Jet are just three that come to mind. If you’re like most online sellers who want to increase their exposure, then you probably list products on more than one marketplace. But here’s the thing: A lot of these marketplaces charge a monthly fee — plus other fees — to maintain your account. Unless you’ve mastered all…

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