How (and Why) to Develop a Winning Customer Experience Strategy for Your Business

Now more than ever before, the happiness of your past, current, and future customers matters. For your ecommerce brand to succeed, sustain, and grow over time, you have to make customer service, customer support, and customer experience a priority. Here are some reasons why, as shared by Help Scout: Americans tell an average of 15 people about a poor service experience, versus the 11 people they’ll tell about a good…

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ecommerce facebook retargeting

How to Use Facebook Retargeting to Drive Ecommerce Sales

Not every customer who lands on your site will end up buying something. They search, they land on your site, they look around, and they leave. It happens. That used to be the end of the story — but Facebook retargeting has flipped the script. Facebook retargeting ads have changed advertising because now you can advertise to people who’ve spent time on your site but didn’t buy anything before leaving.…

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Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping

Why Sellers Should Rejoice For Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping

There is a massive opportunity for sellers right now, and it’s one that very few know, or are even talking about, yet… Walmart fast shipping tags. This post will take a look at what the Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping program offers sellers (on a currently limited basis), what sellers need to know about the program, and most importantly… how to take advantage. Walmart is not backing down from competition in…

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Web design for ecommerce

50 Best Ecommerce Website Designs to Learn From

Just like any brick-and-mortar shop, your e-commerce site needs to be carefully curated to attract buyers. It’s not just a matter of sleek graphics and motion effects. Your design needs to employ UX principles that create a seamless shopping experience, so there’s no resistance towards reaching the final checkout. Besides reducing friction, the site should reflect your brand’s value through a clear, intentional style. Having a professional, unified “look” gives…

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Checklist for Amazon Sellers

6-Step Checklist for Acing Your First Month as an Amazon Seller

The moment you sign up as an Amazon seller, the clock starts ticking. Amazon will hold you to its monthly performance metrics from day one. And being prepared makes all the difference: with this checklist you’ll be ready to ace every step of selling on Amazon. We’ve covered everything from the most basic preparation to the next steps necessary to grow into your success. First things first: 1. Get your…

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How to use eBay Guaranteed Delivery to Outrank and Beat Your Competition

Getting noticed on eBay is getting harder and sellers have been forced to engage in a costly price war to place highly in search rankings. How do you get consumers to buy your products over the competition, when you want to win buyers without slaughtering your bottom line? If you sell on eBay, you can use eBay Guaranteed Delivery (eGD) to stand out and increase conversions. eGD allows you to focus on…

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How to Promote Your Products: An Actionable Guide

Every experienced ecommerce entrepreneur knows that success doesn’t happen simply as a result of creating a product for people to buy. That’s only half the battle. In ecommerce, your job isn’t done and your success isn’t guaranteed just because you’ve figured out manufacturing, you’ve created your branding, and you’ve launched your store. There’s more work to be done—a lot more. Building a successful ecommerce business doesn’t happen when you create…

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ebay listing tips and tricks

10 Steps to Create a Top-Selling eBay Listing

When eBay first launched, your success as a seller depended on what items you were selling. Buyers came to eBay to find unique products—collectibles, antiques, used goods—so sales depended on how your item selection fit with demand on eBay. The marketplace still has unique products, but its product categories have become more saturated. With more merchants selling the same items, sellers have to carefully create their listings to stand out…

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ecommerce content marketing process

Build an Ecommerce Content Marketing Process That’s Results-Focused

This is a guest post from the team at Airtable. Read more on the Airtable blog! Ecommerce content marketing often feels more artistic than results-driven. From blog posts to videos, this content is created to showcase a brand’s aesthetic and the lifestyle around a product. By presenting an amplified brand image, the content is meant to get customers excited about products and drive them to make purchases. The online grocery…

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subscription box tips and tricks

12 Ecommerce Tips to Learn From Subscription Box Services

Five years ago, the subscription model still seemed niche and unfamiliar to most consumers. A decade ago, subscription boxes like Birchbox didn’t exist. Now, almost every type of product is offered through a subscription box. From 2014 to 2017, subscription box sales grew 800%. For the top subscription boxes, greater sales boil down to solid e-commerce practices. Unique branding, curated customer experiences and more features have attracted consumers and driven…

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