UPC codes on Amazon

A Guide to Buying UPC Codes in Order to Sell on Amazon

Ecommerce continues to grow as more stores appear online and more sellers choose to sell on online marketplaces. As ecommerce grows, it also evolves. For example, an online marketplace like Amazon has multiple product categories available, insightful customer reviews attached to most listings, and search history to guide shoppers. Features like these make for an enjoyable experience for customers. Another way ecommerce is evolving is the emergence of brick-and-mortar retail…

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Selling on Jet

10 Things All Sellers Should Know Before Selling on Jet.com

There are hundreds of online marketplaces for sellers to choose from. Amazon, eBay, and Jet are just three that come to mind. If you’re like most online sellers who want to increase their exposure, then you probably list products on more than one marketplace. But here’s the thing: A lot of these marketplaces charge a monthly fee — plus other fees — to maintain your account. Unless you’ve mastered all…

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headless ecommerce

Headless Ecommerce is One Way. Headless CMS is Better, and the Future

Headless ecommerce is the new industry buzzword. It seems everyone from BigCommerce to Shopify to WebFlow and a whole handful of newer ecommerce startups are touting the capability, use cases, case studies, and more. And there’s good reason for that touting. Headless ecommerce –– that is, ecommerce solutions you can plug in via APIs without having to replace entire systems –– are the evolution of the single platform play. The…

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etsy tips

10 Etsy Tips for Differentiating from Similar Sellers and Products

With more than 2 million total active sellers as of 2019, Etsy has never been more crowded. No matter what niche you’re in, you’re likely to be competing with dozens of other active sellers offering similar products. Sellers need to stand out in order to make Etsy a viable business option. (Source) But even with fierce competition for shoppers’ attention, you can boost your listings and appeal to more customers…

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b2b ecommerce

5 Reasons Why Every B2B eCommerce Site Should Take Lessons From B2C

From buying new sneakers on the GOAT app, to restocking paper towels via Amazon, to making the most of our cheat meals (I’m looking at you, way-too-greasy pizza) with UberEats, the way we as consumers buy things online is pretty similar: We realize we want or need something We visit an online store  (usually Amazon) We do some quick research on the product page (reviews, pictures, etc.) We hit “buy” and…

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ebay pricing

A Beginner’s Guide to Pricing Your Items on eBay

If you’re selling on eBay for the first time, setting up new listings and optimizing them for sales can be a daunting task. Product images have to be attractive and stand out, and your descriptions have to speak to the solutions and benefits that matter to your audience. On top of that, your pricing has to be competitive so that your products have a fair chance of selling. Creating new…

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best online marketplaces

8 of the Best Ecommerce Marketplaces for Online Sellers

If shoppers have to choose between walking into a brick-and-mortar store and heading online to buy something, chances are they’re going to choose online shopping. In fact, about 1.92 billion people are expected to buy something online in 2019. In particular, shoppers are turning to marketplaces to browse, compare prices, and buy products for the convenience of shopping in one place. Just like the department stores of yesteryear and the…

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Shopify Shipping

What is Shopify Shipping and How Does it Work?

Shipping is one of the most time-consuming and frustrating parts of running an ecommerce business. If you’re just starting out, you might use more than one platform to process orders, calculate shipping, create and print labels, and ship products. As you grow, the fulfillment process becomes more complicated. If you’ve been around for a while, the rising cost of shipping and the logistics of fulfilling large orders result in stress,…

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ecommerce micro influencers

What Are Micro-Influencers and How Are They Changing Ecommerce?

In the past few years, influencer marketing has become big business. Top influencers are banking millions of dollars with their campaigns and Instagram photos, but is this coming to an end? Recent news points to just how manipulative these larger influencers can be, and how things might not be as they seem. Cue micro-influencers, which might be the marketing world’s solution to the influencer problem. A micro-influencer is an individual with…

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how to sell on Walmart

How to Sell on Walmart Marketplace: 14 Best Practices

Just like most major marketplaces out there, Walmart Marketplace is experiencing tremendous growth. It has over two million sellers so far that cater to over 100 million unique monthly visitors. In terms of size and popularity, Walmart Marketplace isn’t far behind the likes of Amazon and eBay. Part of the reason for Walmart Marketplace’s rapid growth is because it’s acquired smaller marketplaces that target millennials. Considering the fact that millennials…

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