Google Shopping Actions Listing Software - Sellbrite

Google Shopping Actions Listing Software

Sellbrite is a comprehensive solution for creating and managing listings, inventory, and fulfillment on Google Shopping Actions.

Powerful Marketplace Management

Quick to set up and easy to use

Connect your Google account and import your existing listings with ease.

Super Fast Listing

Bulk list your products to Google Shopping Actions quickly and easily. Save listing options to make launching new listings quick and easy.

Variation Management

Easily create variation listings for any kind of product.

Inventory Sync

Synchronize inventory to Google based on custom rules you set.

Flexible Fulfillment

Ship your items to Google buyers from multiple warehouses, customized to suit your needs.

Google Shopping Actions Listings Manager

Shopping Actions Merchant Benefits

Tap into massive search traffic

Hundreds of millions of people visit Google every day to discover and buy new items. With Shopping Actions, now they can buy your products from wherever they are on Google.

Acquire new valuable customers

68% percent of shoppers acquired through Shopping Actions are net new to merchants and are 14% more valuable than those that do not shop with Shopping Actions.

Increase sales & customer loyalty

Existing customers spend an incremental 10% more after using Shopping Actions. Participating merchants see 30% increase in basket size YoY.

Elevate your brand on Google

Establish trust with new customers. The shopping cart on your listings shows customers their purchase is backed by a Google guarantee: secure payments, quality customer service, and a simple return process.