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Win the Holidays by Offering Free 2-Day Shipping on Walmart!

Qualify to add 2-Day Shipping tags by using Sellbrite to manage your Walmart Marketplace listings and Deliverr to fulfill your orders.*

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  • 50% OFF your Sellbrite subscription through the end of 2018 ($800 value)*
  • FREE warehousing storage from Deliverr through the end of 2018! ($250 value)*

*Valid only for sellers new to Sellbrite & Deliverr. Terms & Conditions apply

Be among the first to launch Walmart 2-Day Shipping tags by taking advantage of this limited-time offer!

What are Walmart 2-Day Shipping tags?

  • Exclusive badges directly on the listing
  • Offer Prime-like shopping experience on Walmart Marketplace
  • Guaranteed to increase visibility for listings
  • Available on every category
  • Requires excellent performance metrics to qualify

How do sellers access the program?

Sellers must use Deliverr to warehouse their inventory and fulfill their orders to qualify for 2-Day Shipping tags. Sellers must also use Sellbrite to manage their Walmart Marketplace listings. Deliverr integrates tightly with Sellbrite to make sure your inventory and fulfillment data gets passed seamlessly to Walmart.

Click here to learn more about Deliverr.

1. Sign up for a Sellbrite and a Deliverr account

2. List your products on Walmart using Sellbrite

3. Send your inventory to Deliverr

4. Activate 2-day shipping with Sellbrite

Sellers already selling on Walmart will be able to skip step 2. Sellbrite will automatically import their existing Walmart listings to get started.

*Valid only for sellers new to Sellbrite & Deliverr. Terms & Conditions apply

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Tom Whitt, Sellbrite Customer