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Growing an Amazon Business from $10M to $50M

I’ve heard business compared to a flywheel. When first starting, you must push as hard as you can to get only a little bit of motion. You’re pushing and pushing and pushing, but your business is only moving marginally faster. Over time, though, as you crank on the issue and maybe then have some extra hands to help push, it starts to move. Slowly at first, but then it starts…

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Amazon PPC: 7 Secrets for Maximizing Return

Amazon is a community of millions of buyers—people who come to the site solely to look for products to buy. This means if you’re an online seller and you’re not targeting the Amazon Marketplace platform, you are missing out. On customers and on dollars. The added benefit of selling on Amazon is you are only competing against other products, so the field of competition is narrowed in comparison to other…

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Dynamic Pricing to Win the Amazon Buy Box

How to Use Dynamic Repricing to Win the Amazon Buy Box

Back in 2014, Amazon disclosed it had over 2 million Marketplace Sellers, so you can imagine the intense arena in which third party sellers are fighting today. There’s one thing that separates the winners from the losers: the infamous Buy Box. It accounts for 70–82% of sales on Amazon, so the options are to win the Buy Box or be an afterthought for shoppers. Before we get too far, it’s…

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#AmazonDomination Pt. 4: Lessons Learned and Future Strategy

A few months ago, I teamed up with the awesome guys at Sellbrite to launch a series of posts called #AmazonDomination, in which I hoped to take you through all the steps you needed to follow to successfully research, launch, and promote a product on Amazon’s marketplace. The road to launch was amazing. I dug deep, found a nice niche product, did all my research, and crafted a masterful product…

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#AmazonDomination Pt. 3: Creating A Unique Product Listing

Welcome back to the #AmazonDomination series; it’s been a few weeks but we’ve got a ton of new info for you! In part one, you saw how to do keyword research using the Google Keyword Tool. In part two, you saw how to brainstorm for good keywords that will draw shoppers in. Now you are in part 3, where you take that research and use it to build your product…

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#AmazonDomination Pt. 2: Finding Good Keywords

#AmazonDomination: This series will take you start-to-finish through the process of finding a profitable retail opportunity and successfully capitalizing on it on the Amazon Marketplace. Part 2 is about finding good keywords to support the product niche you choose for your business. The biggest (and most important) question that anyone wishing to sell online must answer is “what should I sell?” Many people make the mistake of trying to sell everything…

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#AmazonDomination Pt 1: How To Use The Google Keyword Planner

#AmazonDomination: This series will take you start-to-finish through the process of finding a profitable retail opportunity and successfully capitalizing on it on the Amazon Marketplace. Part 1 is about using the Google Keyword Planner to identify a product opportunity with low search competition. #AmazonDomination is finally kicking off! I’m really excited about this series, mostly because I’ll be experimenting right alongside you guys. Hopefully by the end of it, we’ll…

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Introducing #AmazonDomination

Before you say anything, let me get one thing out of the way. I know the title sounds a little cheesy. It’s supposed to be cheesy. But… it got your attention, didn’t it? Whenever I hear the word domination thrown around on the internet, I usually think of internet marketers shilling 8-step miracle solutions you don’t need… Pop-up Domination… Forex Domination… Dating Domination… Our #Domination has nothing to do with getting…

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