sellbrite for shopify

Sellbrite for Shopify helps Shopify merchants Master the Marketplaces

For over 4 years now, Sellbrite has helped Shopify store owners manage their online store business alongside their marketplace business. Many merchants have used Sellbrite to add Shopify stores to their business and build their brand. Others found Sellbrite within the Shopify app store and have used Sellbrite to create new marketplace sales. Sellbrite has helped merchants add millions of dollars in new sales throughout this period, but one thing…

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When Marketplaces Are More Profitable Than Your Own Store

For the longest time, I was under the impression that selling on marketplaces will always be less profitable than selling through your own store. Perhaps some of you share the same impression. In this post, I’d like to explore this idea in depth with some cold, hard facts… and a little math! At first glance, selling on marketplaces would clearly seem to be less profitable than selling on your own…

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Why Ecommerce Stores Succeed: Act 2

Just recently, Nick wrote an article examining 3 reasons why e-commerce stores fail. Nick writes from experience — he is a longtime seller and runs his own profitable store — and he puts forward some really good points. In the beginning of the article, Nick cites a crazy statistic: “e-commerce in particular is even more daunting – 65% of businesses fail in the first 18 months and 90% in the first 5 years!”…

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