Sellbrite Customer Success Story - All About Shapewear

All About Shapewear grew from 40 product listings to over 2,500




Maryland, USA


Amazon (2), eBay (2), Shopify



Robinsson Botero cut his teeth in ecommerce working for a large appliance retailer. After spending years learning how to be successful selling on eBay, he went into business for himself in the same vertical.

However, the appliance business has high upfront capital requirements to satisfy safety and liability issues. Even a seasoned seller can’t succeed without enough capital. After struggling to grow the business due to resource constraints, he decided to change product lines.

His father, a traditional brick & mortar retailer, recommended he try out body shapewear. It wasn’t selling well enough in his own store, but might find more success online.

A few phonecalls later, All About Shapewear was born.

Business Problem

Botero found success with the product line, but like any growing retail business had serious trouble managing inventory. After launching his Shapewear store on Shopify, the inability to keep inventory quantities in sync with his eBay store left him in need of serious help.

“The biggest challenge of any ecommerce entrepreneur is simple: I have these things… how do I keep track of them?” says Botero.

At the time, All About Shapewear only sold 20 unique SKUs. Little did Robinsson know he was about to increase that SKU count significantly, while decreasing the overall amount of time spent managing data.

“I wanted to have a system that was easy for me but also for other people. As you grow you’re going to bring people on to help you, and just thinking of the fact that I needed to teach people new things… Sellbrite makes it easy.”

Robinsson Botero, President


While on the hunt for a multichannel selling software, he looked at other tools that were either too complicated to use, charged a fortune just to try out the software, or offered little support. Then he found Sellbrite.

Sellbrite helped him list his products where he wanted to without having to touch inventory quantities for each new channel. Inventory lived in one spot, and each new listing pulled from the same pool, so he never oversold.

“I really like the simplicity of Sellbrite… I think for a regular businessman that doesn’t have that much of a knowledge about ecommerce, data, and SEO, it makes it easy because you create in one platform, and from there you’re able to create it on all of the other platforms within 3 clicks, and then, everything is magically connected.”

The Payoff

In December of 2014, All About Shapewear featured 20 SKUs on 2 channels, or 40 total product listings. By December of 2015, they offered over 2500 listings across 5 sales channels.

“It gives you that extra leverage to scale your business. If you really want to start doing good volume, then you need to have a good inventory system, and you need to have a good platform that keeps you competitive on all of the markets.”

Sales have grown an average of 10% per month for the last 13 months, finishing at over $500k for 2015.

In addition, Botero has been able to find efficiency in managing customer orders, as well as accounting and fulfillment. He is able to notate customer specifications on his orders before they drop to Shipstation, which is integrated into Sellbrite. He also uses aggregated sales reports to reconcile with his accounting service each month.

“I have tons of products, and being able to be on all marketplaces at the same time, synchronize inventory, list new items, play with pricing… I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing now if it wasn’t for Sellbrite because there’s only X amount of things that we can do as human beings.”