Sellbrite Customer Success Story - Bista Co.

Bista Co adds $1 MM in sales and saves 40 hours each month with Sellbrite




Elk Grove, CA


Amazon, eBay (x2), Walmart, Bigcommerce



Jin Lin learned the skills necessary to run a successful business at an early age, having grown up working in his father’s restaurant. However, when it came time to strike out on his own, Lin recognized that the lifestyle of a restaurateur was a difficult one, and he wanted something different and new.

He saw an opportunity to thrive selling jewelry online, and in 2010, Lin started Bista Co. as an eBay business. He hasn’t looked back, and his business now generates over $5 million in sales annually.

Business Problem

By early 2015, Lin wanted to expand his business by making his product available to more customers, in more places. However, he faced the classic problem of trying to expand his business to new sales channels while still managing his existing sales channel. In particular, Lin wanted to build his own website, JJ Designer Jewelry, as well as try his hand at selling on Amazon, but learning the ins and outs of a shopping cart platform and a new marketplace, while keeping his growing eBay business running smoothly, proved too difficult.

Once Lin got a grasp of how to find success on his new channels, the pain of overselling and inventory management reared its head. The problem for him became how to ensure that his limited quantity items were quickly removed from all sales channels, once he sold his last unit.

“At the beginning I thought Sellbrite might just control inventory, but then I realized you can do way more with the software, like manage product catalog data and create new listings without logging in to your channels.”

Jin Lin, Founder


Growing more and more frustrated with using spreadsheets to try and manage the whole litany of tasks around inventory synchronization on multiple sites, Lin decided to go exploring for a software that would help him manage his inventory. That’s when he found Sellbrite.

“Sellbrite has all the tools we need, like inventory control, multi-channel FBA inventory sync, and much more.”

After using Sellbrite for a couple of weeks, he discovered that Sellbrite offers more than just inventory management, which made running his business much easier.

The Payoff

Using Sellbrite to manage the day-to-day functions for his business, Lin started to notice that the most important thing that he was gaining was the extra 4-5 hours of his total work week that he could now use to focus on strategy for his business.

“Sellbrite really makes our lives easier, so we can put 100% of our focus on sales, instead of facing all the trouble with inventory management… I can use the 4-5 hours [weekly] to do research and produce new products.”

Not only did Lin save time to re-invest in his business, but he also estimates that Sellbrite is responsible for 20% of his sales growth this year, totaling over $1MM in new revenue.