Sellbrite Customer Success Story - Dweebzilla

Dweebzilla adds $200k in sales growth and saves 25 hours per week with Sellbrite


Apparel & Collectibles


Miami, FL


Amazon, eBay, Shopify



Silvio Morales is no stranger to the world of ecommerce. Having started his career as a warehouse employee for an ecommerce company, he learned about the logistics of delivering products on time and managing the fulfillment workflow—a crucial aspect to any online business.

After being passed up for several promotions and feeling like he had hit a wall with that company, he decided to venture out on his own and try his hand at selling his own products online. After much thought and planning, he started his company, Dweebzilla, in July 2010.

Business Problem

When first starting his business, Morales was the only employee, which meant that he was responsible for doing everything including manage inventory on 2 different marketplaces. Morales easily recounts the large amount of time he would spend on this task in the early days of his business; especially, as the business grew:

“I would spend 2-3 hours daily reconciling inventory, multiply that times 5-6 days a week, and I would spend 15-20 hours a week that could be spent doing other tasks,” says Morales.

Spending so much on each channel ensuring inventory was accurate prevented Morales from focusing on other parts of the business and really growing his business in a meaningful way. He knew that he had hit a wall. “Performing these tasks manually limits your growth, as a matter of fact prior to Sellbrite, I felt like my business had plateaued.”

“Sellbrite has allowed me to more efficiently manage my inventory and dedicate more time on improving other aspects of my business, the growth we’ve seen has been exponential, each month better than the last.”

Silvio Morales, Founder


Morales knew that he needed help with trying to get these tasks done, so he could focus on taking his business to that next tier. After looking around at other software and even considering hiring other employees to help with the workload, which he knew would be prohibitively expensive, he found Sellbrite.

He primarily came to Sellbrite for it’s inventory management, but he found that the software offered much more than that. Not only has it allowed him to synchronize his inventory, but also he exclaims that “it allows me to restock incoming inventory at 2-3 times the rate I used to before. It allows me to better anticipate sales and future inventory needs.”

The Payoff

Adding Sellbrite to his suite of applications and services, he saw the immediate benefits of using Sellbrite for his business. “After the first month I had already noticed a drastic difference and improvement, after 2-3 months once I felt comfortable with the service, I was able to focus on growth.” He estimates that Sellbrite alone has saved him and his company around 25 hours of work per week.

During his first year of using the software, he saw sales increase by approximately $200K and openly attributed that growth to his use of Sellbrite.