Sellbrite Customer Success Story - Forever Gifts

Forever Gifts doubles SKU count and adds $500K in new sales


Custom Personalized Gifts


Van Nuys, CA


Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Bigcommerce



Raffi Grosz started his career as a machinist. He liked the creative freedom of messing around on large customization machines, but ultimately grew tired of working for someone else. 11 years ago, Grosz decided to strike out on his own, launching a business where he could take memorabilia, modify it, and sell it on eBay.

When he first started, he was having a lot of success with his business exclusively on eBay. So much so, that a fellow entrepreneur made him an offer for his business that he didn’t turn down.

After taking some time off from selling online, he realized that the online retail landscape was continuing to explode and there was opportunity to sell on more platforms than ever before, so he decided to get his hands dirty again. This time Raffi expanded his business beyond eBay. He found a partner who valued his passion and vision and started Forever Gifts.

Business Problem

Trying to keep up with the inventory for products across multiple sales channels can be really time consuming, even for someone so meticulous. It was causing him to oversell his products.

Also, he ran into a problem managing variations and raw goods. The products he sells are custom and built to order, thus, they have a lot of variations. Keeping track of the raw goods inventory started to become a hassle.

Managing his inventory manually made expanding the multi-channel business impossible. He found that it was not just time consuming. “It just gets frustrating to go to each channel one by one and make changes…it just doesn’t work.”

“Sellbrite is so easy, seriously. It’s very easy to connect. It’s easy to add inventory… somebody there was a seller because you have to be a seller to know how to make it user-friendly.”

Raffi Grosz, Founder


Raffi tried a couple of different platforms but found that other platforms were too slow and added far more time than they saved, and ease of use left something greatly to be desired. He desired something easy AND precise. He needed something that did exactly what he wanted it to do, and what it said it would do.

He explains, “Sellbrite [does] what I want it to do”, and that was to make sure that his inventory stayed in sync across channels. After using Sellbrite for a just a couple of weeks, he was impressed by Sellbrite’s ease of use.

The Payoff

From April 2015 to April 2016, Raffi nearly doubled his SKU count. The company takes a lot of time to source each SKU because the goods will be personalized, so this increase was a huge deal.

Sellbrite allowed his company to focus their time on growing the business. He estimates it saves them 10 hours a week, which frees up more time to find quality products for them to personalize.

The company has increased its sales by 40% YoY in this same time period. He was able to do this without overselling a single product.

“Sellbrite gives you peace of mind just knowing that you can control your inventory… easily add more… and grow your business.”