Sellbrite Customer Success Story - Labelle's China

Labelle’s China grew its inventory to 30,000 items with multichannel inventory management


Formal Dinnerware


Ontario, CA


Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify



Susan Labelle was once an executive with a large Canadian telecom company, but she left her job over 10 years ago to spend more time with her son. In the years that followed, Labelle turned her passion for collecting fine china into a successful eBay business.

However, as the dynamics of selling on eBay changed over the years and new sales channels came online, Labelle realized that if she wanted to continue to grow her business, she needed to expand to other channels.

Business Problem

With exclusive inventory and a growing brand, she launched a website on Shopify, but was never able to easily get her products listed to her website. On top of that, she was having big problems managing inventory and closing out her listings once an item sold.

“Keeping track of my inventory was a huge issue,” says Labelle.

Spreadsheets are not usually a problem for the tech-savvy Labelle, but the fact that every channel has different listing requirements, multiple product templates, and options proved too much to manage.

“The vast majority of my inventory is one-off, so being able to list the same product to multiple channels and not have to babysit them is huge… I would need 2 more of ME to do what Sellbrite does for my business.”

Susan Labelle, Founder


Labelle’s China was using another tool to manage the eBay business, but it didn’t help her with her goal of expanding to new channels. After a little bit of Google searching for a multichannel listing tool, she found Sellbrite.

Sellbrite would allow her to finally reach her goal of listing all her inventory across other channels. It would import her eBay listings and easily push them to Etsy, a marketplace which had proven too difficult to launch alongside her eBay business.

What Labelle didn’t know was that Sellbrite’s powerful inventory management functionality would allow her to grow her inventory to over 30,000 items.

The Payoff

Within a week of using Sellbrite, Labelle had listed a few thousand products onto a brand new marketplace, as well as to her Shopify store.

What she soon realized was that in addition to helping her easily move products from one channel to another, Sellbrite was also making sure she didn’t oversell. When a unique inventory item sold on one of her sales channels, Sellbrite would end the listings for that product on her other channels as well.

What’s more, Sellbrite enabled her to keep her listings fresh on the sales channels. “With eBay and Etsy, revising and relisting your products is essential to keeping you high in search results.” Having a tool to help her optimize her selling has really paid off.

Labelle’s China now has a sales presence on 4 channels, including the most recent addition, Amazon. “I’m selling 15-30% more each month, thanks to Sellbrite.”