Sellbrite Customer Success Story - Opticsrev

Opticsrev sees 40% growth with Sellbrite multichannel FBA


Apparel & Eyewear


Knoxville, TN


Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Rakuten, Newegg, Shopify



Logan Wise got into the online retail business at an extremely early age. When his parents wouldn’t buy he and his brother a Nintendo 64, they decided to take matters into their own hands. The started selling products on eBay to finance their way to their goal.

Learning how to sell on eBay in those early days prepared Logan for an amazing opportunity during grad school, when he got his hands onto overstock Oakley sunglasses. From there, his company, Opticsrev, was born.

Business Problem

After adding Amazon as a sales channel and building up his product offering, Wise needed something else that would help him manage his business. He looked at various different pieces of software to help him manage items that he fulfilled through his warehouse, but he found that software out there either lacked features or cost too much and had revenue sharing built into their pricing.

After trying some other software solutions, he decided to go it on his own and do some manual work to manage his inventory across his sales channels, but he quickly realized that the spreadsheets and FTP feeds were too much to handle.

“I tried other multi-channel software, but either it was affordable and lacked features or it required revenue sharing to ‘align interests’ and was fully featured. I feel that Sellbrite has filled that gap.”

“Initially, we used AutoMCF to scale without incremental labor cost. AutoMCF evolved into Sellbrite, which enabled us to broadcast products across multiple channels while processing orders from a single location.”

Logan Wise, Founder


Wise was not a new customer to the Sellbrite company: he had been using another piece of software that Sellbrite produced, so he decided to make the transition from that software to Sellbrite to bring more business functions into a single place.

Wise has also used Sellbrite in ways beyond just inventory control. He states, “Both the sales channel reporting and bin location / warehouse management features have been a huge help. I use the sales channel reports to determine optimal FBA quantities. This lets us fulfill more orders through Amazon MCF and frees us up to tend to managerial tasks.”

The Payoff

Wise estimates 40% of the increase in his 2016 sales, or $700K in new revenue, has been due to Sellbrite. The number of hours that Sellbrite helps him save by managing his business’s menial tasks are invaluable because they allow him to focus on the bigger things. During his time with Sellbrite he has been able to expand to more channels including Sellbrite’s newest integration, Walmart.

At the end of the day, customer relationships are always the most important thing:

“The Sellbrite Customer Success Team is great, and that is why we stay.”