Fulfillment by Amazon Integration | Sellbrite

Fulfillment By Amazon

With Fulfillment by Amazon, you can harness the power of Amazon’s world-class logistics network to manage and ship your products for you. Sellbrite makes growing your FBA business easier than ever before.

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Seamless inventory integration

Product Import

New products are added into your catalog as soon as they arrive at FBA

Inventory Sync

FBA quantities update automatically so you never oversell

Inventory Rules

Stock quantities are controllable on each sales channel per your own rules

Inventory Reporting

Low stock items can be easily identified for replenishment

Complete fulfillment integration

Easy Fulfillment

New multichannel orders are sent for fulfillment with a single click

Tracking Info

Shipment information (ship date, carrier, tracking number) is passed back to Sellbrite as soon as orders ship

Complete Order

Sellbrite automatically sends the shipment information back to the channel where the order originated