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Getting Started

What is Sellbrite?

Sellbrite helps you manage what you sell, and where you sell it.

Product Tour

Take a quick tour of the Sellbrite product interface to see how easy Sellbrite is to use.

Getting Started with Sellbrite

Your first session with Sellbrite should involve using the Setup Guide to get all of your data into the system.

Getting Started with Sellbrite

Your first session with Sellbrite should involve using the Setup Guide to get all of your data into the system.

Basic Functions

Connecting Sales Channels

Learn how to connect your sales channels to Sellbrite.

Building Your Products

Learn how to build your products in Sellbrite (changed from “Inventory”), so you can send your products to new channels.

Managing Your Inventory Quantities

Learn how to add and manage your inventory quantities in Sellbrite and set inventory rules.

Creating New Listings

Learn how to create new listings from your products in Sellbrite.

Using Templates & Recipes

Learn how to create and apply Templates & Recipes to make listing creation and listing updates more efficient.

Managing Listings

Learn how to manage your existing listings on each sales channel from Sellbrite.

Shipping Orders

Learn how to ship USPS orders from each sales channel in Sellbrite.

Tuesday Tips

Updating Handling Time on Amazon

Learn how to update your Handling Time on Amazon listings with a single setting.

Are you using Product Tags?

Learn how to use product tags to better organize products and listings.

How to Leverage Custom Products Attributes

Learn how to add custom product attributes to enhance your Sellbrite product catalog.

Getting Started with Custom HTML Templates

Learn how to add a custom HTML template to Sellbrite’s listing tool.

Why are My Orders 'Not Assigned'?

Learn why some orders may show as “not assigned” in Sellbrite’s Orders tab.

Changing Amazon Fulfillment Type

Learn why it’s important for you to manage changes to Amazon Fulfillment Type in Sellbrite, and not in Amazon.

Avoid This Mistake When Editing UPCs/Data in Bulk via CSV

Learn how to edit data in CSV without causing unwanted errors.

Adding New Variations to Existing Live Listings

Learn how to add new variations to existing listings quickly and easily.

Service Integrations

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Overview

Learn how to add your FBA inventory to Sellbrite and fulfill orders with FBA.

Enabling FBA Integration

Learn how to enable FBA in Sellbrite and get started with inventory and fulfillment automation.

Syncing FBA Inventory Across Channels

Learn how to sync your FBA inventory quantities across all sales channels.

Sending Orders To FBA

Learn how to send orders from any channel to FBA for processing.


Early Results of Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping

We’re now over 5 months into Walmart’s Free 2-Day Shipping program, and the early results are going to shock you. This webinar shows what you can do after enabling fast shipping tags on Walmart, as well as how easy it is to get started.

Winning Strategies for eBay Power Selling

This webinar is for brands that are serious about eBay growth. Join Sellbrite and Deliverr as we cover new opportunities for eBay sellers to stand out from the competition, as well as tools and tricks for improving efficiency and conversion.

Masting Inventory & Fulfillment for Multiple Warehourses

Fulfillment is hard, but it doesn’T have to be! Join Sellbrite and ShipStation as we speak to how your inventory and fulfillment strategies will evolve as you add more sales channels to your business.

Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping: Everything you need to know

Join us as we cover Walmart’s exciting 2-Day Shipping program with Walmart’s Head of Fulfillment & Customer Promise. This webinar will teach you everything you need to know before enabling 2-Day Shippingtags on your Walmart listings.

2018 eBay Holiday Readiness Plan

This webinar reviews all the latest opportunities available to eBay sellers as we enter peak Holiday season.

Sellbrite Overview & Product Demo Webinar

This video is part of our Daily Demo Webinar, and we’ve made it available here for you (without the live Q&A).

Creating Listings - Sellbrite Product Webinar

This webinar describes the way that merchants can list their products using the Sellbrite platform. The listings webinar video is best suited for merchants who have already set up their accounts and have everything connected.

Setting Up Your Account - Sellbrite Product Webinar

This video is a general overview for getting started and setting up your account with Sellbrite. This webinar is best suited for merchants who are in trial or newly subscribed and want to get their accounts setup properly.