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Sell Smarter on eBay: The Metrics You Need to Be Tracking

eBay merchants offer everything from lightbulbs to vintage war posters on the marketplace. The platform’s niche products, like used items or one-of-a-kind collectibles, typically have fewer competitors than mainstream goods. eBay merchants offering these specialized goods are in smaller markets, so they have less information and examples to inform their own strategies for selling more and attracting customers. Improving their growth tactics instead boils down to analyzing and gaining insights…

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Why New Sellers Should Build A Generic Brand

Building a brand is essential to a retail business’ success. Once the product leaves your warehouse and reaches the customer, all connections between you and your buyer are effectively severed – unless you’ve built a brand. A brand can be many things. It is a personality. It is a message. It is a story. Most importantly, it is a value proposition to your customer. Like we’ve said before, building a…

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