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eBay fees

eBay Fees Too High? Here Are 5 Ways To Lower Them

eBay has a history of raising its fees. In the past two years alone, the online marketplace increased its listing upgrade fees and final value fees, and it also began hitting under-performing sellers with penalty fees. Despite this, eBay is still the third-most preferred online

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sell smarter on ebay

Sell Smarter on eBay: The Metrics You Need to Be Tracking

eBay merchants offer everything from lightbulbs to vintage war posters on the marketplace. The platform’s niche products, like used items or one-of-a-kind collectibles, typically have fewer competitors than mainstream goods. eBay merchants offering these specialized goods are in smaller markets, so they have less information

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Why New Sellers Should Build A Generic Brand

Building a brand is essential to a retail business’ success. Once the product leaves your warehouse and reaches the customer, all connections between you and your buyer are effectively severed – unless you’ve built a brand. A brand can be many things. It is a

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