#AmazonDomination Pt. 3: Creating A Unique Product Listing

Welcome back to the #AmazonDomination series; it’s been a few weeks but we’ve got a ton of new info for you! In part one, you saw how to do keyword research using the Google Keyword Tool. In part two, you saw how to brainstorm for good keywords that will draw shoppers in. Now you are in part 3, where you take that research and use it to build your product…

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eBay to End Support for Listing Tool Blackthorne

eBay announced it is killing off support for listing tool Blackthorne by Q3 of next year.  Some sellers will likely find the news surprising given its fairly wide adoption and 13+ year standing as a featured eBay seller software. Fortunately, the advance notice will allow sellers to wait until after the holidays before looking for another listing management solution. Read More at eCommerceBytes…    

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