What ebay sellers should know

eBay 2018 Updates: Everything Sellers Need to Know

Starting as an auction site for small vendors with collectibles, eBay is now a marketplace with every type of product, merchants of all sizes, and multiple purchasing options. The platform has sustained itself by constantly meeting buyers’ needs. Rather than staying static, eBay introduces new marketplace features constantly to satisfy ever-changing shopper expectations. These changes affect how you conduct your business as an eBay seller and, in turn, influence your…

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What to Do If Your Amazon Account Gets Suspended

With 2 billion monthly site visitors, Amazon strictly regulates sellers to preserve the high quality of its marketplace. Most sellers have no problem following these policies since they’re eager to access Amazon’s 2 billion site visitors shopping for products each month. Having said that, Amazon’s rules are quite strict. Even the best of sellers have had their accounts suspended. [Source] Luckily, suspension is not the end of the world. Sellers…

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Instagram For Ecommerce

How To Use Instagram For Ecommerce

Listing your products is easy, but driving traffic is a completely different ballgame. If you want to win at any sport or game, you have to know the rules. The same is true for social media. To be successful using Instagram For ecommerce, you need to know what the Instagram audience wants to see – and it’s different than Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. Don’t have an Instagram account yet for…

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Detect Fraudulent Orders - Ecommerce Fraud

Ecommerce Fraud Part 1: How To Detect Fraudulent Orders

In a brick and mortar store, you have to be mindful of those with less than honorable intentions, filling their pockets with your products, and then making off without paying. As an online business owner, you might think that you’re immune from stealing – but the sad reality is that there are lots of people out there who are trying to do the very same thing. Perhaps even more so,…

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Ecommerce CRO

Getting Started With Ecommerce CRO

Whenever I talk to new ecommerce store owners, I almost always hear the same thing – they want more sales. The general consensus is that, if they get more traffic, they will get more sales. Which is generally true. But, that usually means spending more money on ads… So, what if there was a better way? Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the practice of figuring out how to get more…

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Ecommerce Predictions

5 Ecommerce Predictions You Should Know About

There’s a lot of stuff happening in the ecommerce world – and it gets tough to keep tabs on what you really need to focus on. If you aren’t already too busy putting out the fires of inventory management, staffing, or something else – then you are usually scrambling to figure out what products you need to add to your growing business. It’s rare that eCommerce business owners have time…

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manage negative feedback

How To Manage Negative Feedback

Photo credit to Flickr user Rina JeriLee Outzen You can’t please everyone all of the time, no matter how hard you try. (Click to tweet this!) That’s something I found very hard to come to terms with when I started out in ecommerce. To an extent, I find it hard to come to terms with even today. I want every single customer to have a fantastic experience when they buy…

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Create Repeat Customers By Turning Buyers Into Fans

You’ve worked tirelessly. Spent thousands of dollars. Spent countless hours behind your business. Shed blood, sweat, and tears. Why? So you can get the elusive-for-most holy grail of any business – paying customers. But does the ball really stop there? Is the sum total of all of your effort just one fleeting interaction? Sure, there is an exchange of goods, but if you’ve got margins like the rest of us,…

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Your Online Salesforce: Product Descriptions

An online store’s greatest advantage is also its greatest disadvantage. What is that advantage? Self-service. Anyone can shop on it anytime, from anywhere, without anyone else’s help. And that is also its greatest disadvantage. In a regular store, you have salesmen that help you make (proper?) buying decisions. You remember regular stores? And salesmen? There used to be a place called Sears that was famous for this when you wanted…

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How to win Best Match on eBay

How to win Best Match on eBay

Of the myriad ways in which you can improve sales on eBay, perhaps the most effective is to drive your listings up eBay’s Best Match search results. The higher your listings, the more visible to potential buyers your products become (and with greater visibility comes more sales). If you aren’t familiar with Best Match, here’s the quick and dirty: when someone enters a search string in the main search box…

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