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Multichannel Ecommerce News

Etsy Shutters Accounts, Shopify Shares Surge, 11Main Sold

[br] Multichannel Ecommerce News Welcome to this week’s Multichannel Ecommerce News update. There were some noteworthy news articles over the past few weeks, including mass layoffs at 11Main, Etsy shuttering many merchant accounts, and the reason why Shopify shares surge from IPO. Note: there will

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Sellbrite Multi-Channel Seller News

Amazon and eBay Both Experience Outages

[media id=”2402″ alt=”” title=”” classes=”right” size=”full”]Multi-Channel Seller News   Amazon goes down for an hour Monday, and the world grinded to a halt.  Ok not really (though it felt like it for sellers), but if you were watching the TwitterVerse, you would honestly think the

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