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Amazon and eBay Both Experience Outages

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Amazon goes down for an hour Monday, and the world grinded to a halt.  Ok not really (though it felt like it for sellers), but if you were watching the TwitterVerse, you would honestly think the world was ending…  That said, eBay had just as rough of a week.  eBay sellers experienced outages worldwide Thursday, and then were hit with bugs on Friday as eBay struggled to get it’s massive network stabilized.  You may not want to relive the drama, but in the event you do here are a few articles recapping the two marketplaces’ issues.

Amazon Crashes
Amazon Crashes
eBay Crashes
eBay Crashes


Shopify wrote a great article this week for omni-channel sellers on how to boost reviews to your Google Places business page.  Any seller with a brick and mortar storefront could benefit from some great insight here.

Shopify - Google Places
Shopify Google Places Advice


Practical eCommerce blog wrote a fantastic piece this week on content and its value to your business.  While we believe being a source of good content is an important part of our service, many ecommerce businesses (and even webmasters) fail to realize that it can be just as powerful for retail sites featuring hundreds of products!

Practical Ecommerce
Practical eCommerce Content Strategy



Check out this report from NBC news on the possibility of Amazon building its own wireless network.  I, for one, would welcome some competition into the wireless arena… just take a look at your monthly cell phone bill.

Amazon Building Wireless Network
Amazon Building Wireless Network?