Michael Ugino

Michael Ugino

Michael Ugino is the co-founder & CMO of Sellbrite. A former IR 300 merchant, Michael hails from South Carolina but now lives in California. He’d be delighted for you to connect with him on Twitter.

mobile commerce tips

How to Prep for Mobile Commerce in 2018

Over the past 17 years, consumers have been spending increasing amounts of money online. Ecommerce sales jumped from $7.3 billion in Q3 2000 to $115.3 billion in Q3 2017. But in recent years, buyers are getting even more flexibility and accessibility with online shopping—thanks to the rise of mobile shopping. Mobile commerce is growing in popularity as technology improves. Phones and tablets are now as capable as basic computers with…

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selling low prices

Low-Price Selling: Is it Worth It?

Selling a lot of products at low prices is a proven profitable strategy. If you have any doubts, just look at America’s favorite discount store Walmart. They’re earning $486 billion in 2017 fiscal year revenue. But Walmart is actually doing something really hard. Earning profits on low price items requires planning. To ensure earnings, a merchant has to selectively choose their inventory: goods with low costs and high demand to…

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How Does Amazon Make Money? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Amazon makes a lot of money. But how? Do they make their money on books, or on merchant sales, or on TV shows? Where does the money come from, and what does the breakdown look like? We dig into Amazon and answer all of these questions for you. Love this infographic? Share it on your site or in a blog post (just copy and paste the text below): Just The…

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We Analyzed 1,160 Ecommerce Sellers and Here’s What We Found

55% of buyers go straight to Amazon when they shop online. Is selling on the most popular marketplace the key to maximum profits? Not quite. Mega marketplaces, like Amazon, may offer high visibility, but other online selling platforms offer equally important advantages. A smaller marketplace, like Walmart, has less competition, making it an easier space for sellers to attract buyers. Individual web stores empower sellers to control their brand and…

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Sell Smarter on your Online Store: The Metrics You Need to be Tracking with Google Analytics

Merchants on online marketplaces need to stick to each platform’s rules to be successful. An Amazon seller can’t win the Buy Box without matching the site’s algorithms. Products on eBay rank higher in search results if they come with free shipping. Online store owners have more influence over their customer acquisition and engagement since they control everything about their shop. They have no marketplace rules to abide by, so they…

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The Power of Trusting Your Gut: How One Ecommerce Entrepreneur Rebuilt a Failing Business, One Product and Customer at a Time

Carter Seibels was getting bored. In the early days of her career as a jewelry maker, she fed off of the creativity and energy that went into every item she made and sold to her customers. She had a knack for creating unique and memorable handmade jewelry that literally stopped passersby in their tracks, and she was passionate about quality and attention to detail. But as she sat in the…

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sell smarter on ebay

Sell Smarter on eBay: The Metrics You Need to Be Tracking

eBay merchants offer everything from lightbulbs to vintage war posters on the marketplace. The platform’s niche products, like used items or one-of-a-kind collectibles, typically have fewer competitors than mainstream goods. eBay merchants offering these specialized goods are in smaller markets, so they have less information and examples to inform their own strategies for selling more and attracting customers. Improving their growth tactics instead boils down to analyzing and gaining insights…

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Sell Smarter on Amazon: The Metrics You Need to Be Tracking

Every ecommerce seller knows the rule — utilize your data to increase sales. Though everyone may have heard this rule, not everyone knows how to use data to increase their revenue. With so many metrics to track, it can be difficult to know which ones to focus on and improve. Sellers on Amazon who want to boost their revenue have to consider a unique set of data. Their account metrics…

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Sell Smarter on Walmart: The Metrics You Need to Be Tracking

Data empowers sellers to stay ahead of their future competitors. Walmart sellers face a relatively small amount of competition — the marketplace hosts thousands of sellers today, while Amazon hosts over 2 million sellers — and using data is critical to their success. Sellers who use metrics now can establish themselves as strong merchants before the marketplace gets big. By building a large customer base early on, they’ll have a…

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Competitive Pricing Psychology

The Psychology of Competitive Pricing for Ecommerce

Pricing for ecommerce is a tricky beast. You need to account for competition with other sellers, but you don’t want to de-value your products in a race-to-the-bottom. Purely competitive pricing can lead to disappointing results: you might not sell enough to compensate for offering the lowest prices. A profitable pricing strategy involves considering not only your competitions’ prices, but also your customers’ motivations. Sellers use their understanding of potential buyers’…

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