b2b ecommerce

5 Reasons Why Every B2B eCommerce Site Should Take Lessons From B2C

From buying new sneakers on the GOAT app, to restocking paper towels via Amazon, to making the most of our cheat meals (I’m looking at you, way-too-greasy pizza) with UberEats, the way we as consumers buy things online is pretty similar: We realize we want or need something We visit an online store  (usually Amazon) We do some quick research on the product page (reviews, pictures, etc.) We hit “buy” and…

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ecommerce micro influencers

What Are Micro-Influencers and How Are They Changing Ecommerce?

In the past few years, influencer marketing has become big business. Top influencers are banking millions of dollars with their campaigns and Instagram photos, but is this coming to an end? Recent news points to just how manipulative these larger influencers can be, and how things might not be as they seem. Cue micro-influencers, which might be the marketing world’s solution to the influencer problem. A micro-influencer is an individual with…

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online psychological triggers for retail

4 Psychological Triggers Used In-Store that Ecommerce Can Use to Increase Urgency and Drive sales

There is no doubt that ecommerce has become all the rage. From Amazon being the world leader in terms of ecommerce sales to small business entrepreneurs setting up shop via social media, ecommerce is moving and shaking the retail industry. But despite pundits predicting the end of brick and mortar stores, offline avenues for shopping have continued to survive—some are even thriving—and there is a reason why. It helps that…

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How We Built A Six-Figure Affiliate Marketing Business [Case Study]

Using affiliate marketing to grow your ecommerce sales is a solid strategy, and something that Mike Ugino recently wrote about. But I want to take you behind the scenes of our own affiliate business so you can start to piece together how this all works. My wife Kayla and I built a six-figure affiliate marketing business in under two years. To give you an idea of what that looks like,…

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Competitor insights for ecommerce

8 Low-Key Ways Ecommerce Brands are Using Competitor Insights to Spy on You

If you’ve every watched a sports movie, then you’re familiar with the scene where the underdog team watches video of the competition and freaks out a little because of how good they are. A seasoned coach might point out vulnerabilities in the competition, but by the end of the movie, the underdog team defeats the reigning champs and comes out on top. There’s a reason scenes like these play out…

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Email sequences for ecommerce

How to Set up an Email Sequence to Move Customers Through Your Sales Funnel

Have you been in a situation where you’re scoring lots of new leads and growing your email list like crazy? It’s an amazing feeling, but were you shocked when these leads didn’t turn into more sales — especially after you sent all of those promotional emails? Even though people love to get emails from brands they’re interested in, a handful of emails sent sporadically over the course of a few…

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ecommerce abandoned cart emails

Abandoned Cart Email Best Practices to Win Back Shoppers

Ecommerce is growing at breakneck speed as the online shopping experience becomes more seamless. With a few taps on a mobile device, shoppers can browse and buy just about anything. However, one aspect of ecommerce that lots of sellers still struggle with is the dreaded abandoned cart. Somehow, no matter how well your store’s set up to guide shoppers to buy, abandoned carts are simply unavoidable. Estimates put abandoned cart…

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How to Start an Ecommerce Affiliate Program to Increase Sales

As a retailer, chances are you have a diverse audience. That’s why you tweak your advertising copy and content to cater to lots of people across different segments. However, as hard as you try to reach the majority of your audience, there are still those who don’t encounter your ads. Perhaps they aren’t actively looking for products like yours, or they’ve never been to your website, so they don’t see…

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upsell ecommerce customers

9 Ideas for How to Upsell Your Customers and Increase Sales

As an e-commerce seller, you’re in business to grow your customer base and increase sales. To do this, you have to reach as many people as possible by way of advertising, promotions, and offers. These are all effective ways to grow your business but another worthwhile option is figuring out how to upsell your customers. Upselling is a sales strategy used to convince customers to buy more products — usually…

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How to Drive More Repeat Purchases Than Ever Before

Ecommerce business owners are always working hard to develop new strategies that will help them ignite and boost sales each quarter. In the ecommerce world, a big part of driving sales and revenue each month has to involve targeting new customers and convincing them to buy for the very first time. But ecommerce businesses can’t survive in the long run based on purchases from new customers alone. To succeed in…

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