Chatbots for ecommerce

Everything You Need to Know About Chatbots in Ecommerce

Online shopping doesn’t follow a single path. Just like there are many channels you can list your products on, there’s an abundance of ways to make an online purchase — apps, email, social media. These multiple options can be disorienting to customers if there isn’t one clear route for reaching businesses. Enter “conversational commerce,” or businesses and buyers connecting through messaging apps. Companies today can use chatbots to instantly communicate…

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Why I Decided To Go Multi-Channel

Have you ever had an ‘A-ha’ Moment? That’s the feeling you experience when something that should have been obvious all along suddenly comes into focus. I had one last September, and now the future of my business has completely changed direction. I’m about to transition from being an eBay-only seller to having a multi-channel selling strategy once I launch my own website. I’m sharing my story of why and how…

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Sellbrite Multi-Channel Seller News

Same-day Delivery Service Draws Nearer

Multi-Channel Seller News With the holiday weekend and shortened week, we decided to combine both weeks for our multi-channel seller news update. All in all, things were relatively quiet on the marketplace news front, but there were some exciting stories that affect many sellers to some degree, particularly from Amazon and Google. —   Amazon is tightening up controls on the apparel category. Already a gated channel for sellers, product titles…

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Sellbrite Multi-Channel Seller News

Amazon and eBay Both Experience Outages

Multi-Channel Seller News   Amazon goes down for an hour Monday, and the world grinded to a halt.  Ok not really (though it felt like it for sellers), but if you were watching the TwitterVerse, you would honestly think the world was ending…  That said, eBay had just as rough of a week.  eBay sellers experienced outages worldwide Thursday, and then were hit with bugs on Friday as eBay struggled…

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Sellbrite Multi-Channel Seller News

Introducing Multi-Channel Seller News

 Today we’re kicking off a new feature on the blog: Multi-Channel Seller News   Look for articles with our Sellbrite magazine feature image (or filter the blog by “Multi-Channel Seller News” on the right hand side). They will recap news within our industry and other random stuff we think you’d like.  Please leave us a comment if there are certain things you’d like to see us include here in the…

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Seller AppVantage is Now Sellbrite

It’s been in the works for a few months, but today we’re super excited to announce that our company, Seller AppVantage, is fully relaunching as Sellbrite.  For many of you this isn’t a change at all, but for our AutoMCF customers, you may have noticed on the homepage (and app) that AutoMCF is no longer “an app by Seller AppVantage,” but is now “Powered By Sellbrite”! Our mission of providing…

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