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Introducing Multi-Channel Seller News

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[media id=”2402″ alt=”” title=”” classes=”right” size=”full”] Today we’re kicking off a new feature on the blog:

Multi-Channel Seller News  

Look for articles with our Sellbrite magazine feature image (or filter the blog by “Multi-Channel Seller News” on the right hand side). They will recap news within our industry and other random stuff we think you’d like.  Please leave us a comment if there are certain things you’d like to see us include here in the future.

eBay introduced a new service that helps you determine the value of your gadgets.  This could be really handy for a seller looking at bulk second-market inventory of a particular item.


Keep an eye on Asian ecommerce platform Lazada.  They announced this week they were launching a marketplace for their merchants in 5 Southeast Asian countries, competing against Rakuten.  Sellers acquainted with shipping to that region might want to look into their services for channel expansion.


Any art sellers in the crowd?  While we don’t support this channel (yet), check out Artsy, a really cool platform for buying and selling high end art.  We watched the following interview with their CEO and came away impressed.  This is especially timely with Amazon’s recent introduction of their art category, Amazon Art.  If anybody has experience selling on either, we’d really love to hear from you.


The following isn’t news, but rather a great post from Groove commerce on a trick many large retailers are using to beat Gmail’s new tab feature.  If you send promotional emails to your customers, you may be all to familiar with this new feature which automatically slots your emails into a tab called “Promotions” in your customer’s inbox.


Bonus article:


For a fun read, check out this speculation on Motley Fool about a potential Amazon acquisition of Blackberry.


Have a great weekend everyone!