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Coronavirus impact on ecommerce

Coronavirus Impact on Ecommerce: Is Your Store Safe?

Many marketing experts predict that e-commerce sales will only increase as COVID-19 infections soar, social distancing becomes standard practice, and more people choose—or are required—to stay home. However, sellers aren’t so optimistic. In fact, 36% of sellers predict their sales will actually decline due to

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brand awareness for ecommerce

Does Brand Awareness Matter for Ecommerce?

The logic is so simple, it’s almost circular: before someone buys from you, they must know about you. Here enters the metric known as “brand awareness,” something marketers everywhere are striving towards and at which every CFO is rolling their eyes. In ecommerce, where it is often difficult to

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mobile ecommerce trends

6 Mobile Ecommerce Trends to Drive Sales

The main challenge for any ecommerce business is standing-out and reaching customers, which can be incredibly difficult among the competition. All the more difficult, too, considering all the ways in which the ecommerce customer base is changing. Standing out in ecommerce now involves recognizing that,

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increase conversion with better checkout designs

How to Drive Users to Checkout With Design

Driving conversions falls at the intersection of development, design, and marketing. This convergence is tricky. Picture this: You work hard to make the interface of your e-commerce site slick and responsive and to simplify the buying process. But for reasons outside your control, after lots

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