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alternatives to ebay

6 Alternatives To eBay For Retailers

So you want to build an ecommerce empire. Naturally, eBay seems like the best place to begin. With 182 million users, it’s one of the biggest online marketplaces. And it did recently win EcommerceBytes’ Sellers Choice Award for Profitably for the seventh straight year. It’s

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eBay fees

eBay Fees Too High? Here Are 5 Ways To Lower Them

eBay has a history of raising its fees. In the past two years alone, the online marketplace increased its listing upgrade fees and final value fees, and it also began hitting under-performing sellers with penalty fees. Despite this, eBay is still the third-most preferred online

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eBay Suspended Your Account? Here’s What to Do

Having your eBay account suspended can be a major setback, especially if you rely on the online marketplace for income. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with eBay’s policies to avoid account suspension in the first place. But because these policies are extensive and

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Etsy vs. eBay: Where Should You Be Selling?

Etsy and eBay are two of the most notable online marketplaces in the world. Chances are, you’ve probably bought something from them — but have you sold something with them? Each platform has its pros and cons for sellers. We’ve put them head-to-head across a

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ebay returns

eBay Returns: How To Reduce Returns Requests

Returns are inevitable in e-commerce, and eBay is no different. Buyers can request eBay returns for a variety of reasons, and even if you’re meticulous with your listings and careful when you package items, mistakes happen. Sometimes the wrong item gets shipped. Sometimes items become

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tips for selling on ebay

10 eBay Selling Tips from Crazily Successful Sellers

With 1.2 billion listings on eBay, sellers have a lot to compete with when vying for the attention of eBay’s 182 million active buyers. But some eBay sellers aren’t only skilled at getting their listings in front of potential purchasers, completing sales and garnering positive

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What ebay sellers should know

eBay 2018 Updates: Everything Sellers Need to Know

Starting as an auction site for small vendors with collectibles, eBay is now a marketplace with every type of product, merchants of all sizes, and multiple purchasing options. The platform has sustained itself by constantly meeting buyers’ needs. Rather than staying static, eBay introduces new

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Ecommerce business formula

Formula For A Profitable Ecommerce Business

You don’t need a fortune to start an ecommerce business. Without a physical store, maintenance expenses and (usually) labor expenses are significantly reduced for online sellers. With these low startup costs, many merchants flock to sell online with the hope of making an easy profit.

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