EBay Global Shipping Program with FBA - AutoMCF

AutoMCF Now Supports eBay Global Shipping Program

Good afternoon sellers!

AutoMCF support eBay Global ShippingWe’re proud to announce that AutoMCF will begin supporting eBay’s Global Shipping Program starting tomorrow, April 6th!

In case you aren’t familiar, eBay’s Global Shipping Program simplifies selling an item to an international buyer. The item first gets shipped to a US shipping center. Then, international shipping experts manage the international shipping and customs process, and send the item to the international buyer. Learn more about the program here.

Now you can automate this process, just like the rest of your eBay orders, using AutoMCF and Fulfillment by Amazon.

How to use Global Shipping with AutoMCF

If you’re already using the Global Shipping Program on eBay, there’s nothing more you need to do. AutoMCF will process your orders as normal and use the US shipping center address that eBay supplies when creating the fulfillment order in FBA. Only paid orders that have not been marked as “shipped” will be processed.

Otherwise, click here for more information about the Global Shipping Program and for instructions on how to opt-in.