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Sears announced this week that they’re making changes to the way SKUs will be classified on the Seller Marketplace.  Well, this is just one of the changes that are part of a massive infrastructure upgrade, but it’s the most important/exciting as it will open up new selling opportunities.

This change will impact how you add products moving forward, whether you use their web services APIs to list your items, or the user interface.  Lots of other little things will be changing.

Oh, and Seller Portal access will be unavailable from Feb 29 – Mar 1!!!

Also, content will not be updated on from 3/1 – 3/9.  However, you can still access inventory and pricing controls.  To make an item un-purchasable, change the inventory to 0.

For examples of changes you should take note of, please take a look at this zip file of seller resources.  It contains the following:

Item Class Information – A list of tag to Item Class mappings, along with a list of tags that do not map to an item class.
Excel Templates folder – This contains the new sample Excel template for sellers to use.
User Interface folder – Example screenshots of what the changes in the Seller Portal interface will look like.
Web Services – A workflow document, along with the various XSD and sample XML files to be used for content version 9.
Attribute Files folder – This contains a list of item class to attribute mappings, and a list of attribute to value mappings.

Get your Sears affairs in order, ya’ll!