Instagram For Ecommerce

How To Use Instagram For Ecommerce

Listing your products is easy, but driving traffic is a completely different ballgame. If you want to win at any sport or game, you have to know the rules. The same is true for social media. To be successful using Instagram For ecommerce, you need to know what the Instagram audience wants to see – and it’s different than Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. Don’t have an Instagram account yet for…

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Facebook Ads

Why You Can’t Ignore Facebook Ads

Facebook ads – you probably either love them or hate them – but if you are in ecommerce, you better cozy up to them quickly. Merchants are seeing 500%+ returns from Facebook ads – you simply can’t ignore that kind of Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) if you plan on growing your business in 2015. Facebook has been working hard to make their ads easier to build. Think it’s hard…

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Why Customers Use Social Media

Why Customers Use Social Media

Photo credit to Flickr user melodievj10 Over the last several years, owners of ecommerce businesses have been increasingly looking to social media marketing to increase their sales. Understanding how and why customers use social media is the key to making these efforts a success. This is the first in a series of posts on how social media and marketing intersect, including tips that will optimize the effectiveness of your efforts…

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