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12 Tips For Successful Etsy Selling

Many of our Sellbrite merchants are artisans, designers, or collectors of vintage goods and apparel, and we are thrilled to have recently launched our Etsy integration to better meet their needs.

I recently came across an article that I think is valuable for building a successful Etsy business. Any of our merchants who have considered selling on Etsy could benefit from reading these tips, so they can launch a successful Etsy channel. You can read the article here.

12 tips for successful Etsy selling

Perhaps more than any other marketplace, Etsy shoppers and sellers form a unique community of like-minded people, with a preference for a boutique shopping experience, and items with personality and character. Etsy encourages sellers to place emphasis on imagery and focus on clean, aesthetically pleasing listings.

Got other tips you wish to share with our readers? Leave us your comments below and share the wealth! 🙂