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Competitive Pricing Psychology

The Psychology of Competitive Pricing for Ecommerce

Pricing for ecommerce is a tricky beast. You need to account for competition with other sellers, but you don’t want to de-value your products in a race-to-the-bottom. Purely competitive pricing can lead to disappointing results: you might not sell enough to compensate for offering the lowest prices. A profitable pricing strategy involves considering not only your competitions’ prices, but also your customers’ motivations. Sellers use their understanding of potential buyers’…

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How U.S. Sales Tax Works: A Guide for Online Sellers

The United States has one of the most complicated sales tax systems in the world, and it can be tough for online sellers to wrap their heads around how sales tax works. This guide will explain the basics of U.S. sales tax so online sellers aren’t completely and totally lost. U.S. Sales Tax is Governed at the State Level Many online sellers are initially surprised to learn that there is…

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How to Boost Word-of-Mouth and Sales for Your Ecommerce Business This Fall

For many ecommerce business owners, fall is the biggest and most profitable time of year. As consumers approach big holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, and others, and start marking their calendars for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s a great time for ecommerce businesses to start thinking about how to get the most out of the upcoming shopping season. Consider the following statistics about the state of the…

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How Ecommerce Sellers Can Build Buyer Personas to Connect with Customers

Ecommerce sellers have more potential buyers at their fingertips online than any mom-and-pop store can hope to gather. But this doesn’t mean sellers should market to as many people as possible. Instead of advertising to a large, indefinite group of people, ecommerce sellers have to target specific audiences. When marketing is directed towards specific customer types, it resonates with buyers in a way that makes them feel more connected to…

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The Best 5 Free Shopify Themes for Every Online Store

With the back arrow at the top of every browser, customers can quickly bounce off an online store if they’re not immediately interested. Your shop’s design is the first impression the customer will get, so it’s critical that a store’s design is attractive. If it isn’t easy to look at and navigate, the customer won’t stay and shop. But beyond being good-looking, a store’s design should be communicative of your…

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Protect Amazon Business

How to Protect Your Amazon Business by Building Your Own Shopify Store

You’ve steadily grown your Amazon business. You’re one of the many who’ve unlocked the formula for tapping into Amazon’s potential. The upside of joining a marketplace is that the audience is abundant and primed for purchase. But have you considered the need to protect your Amazon business? Where there is reward, there is also risk. The best way to protect your Amazon business is to build your own ecommerce store.…

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Remove Negative Amazon Feeback

How to Remove Negative Feedback on Amazon

[Image Source] Amazon has over 2 million third-party sellers that cover more than half of its sales — with this much competition, Amazon sellers must maintain a high feedback rating to distinguish themselves and stay successful. Without a stellar rating, sellers can’t build buyer trust. By scanning feedback ratings on Amazon seller profiles, buyers quickly determine which seller is the most reliable and trustworthy. Almost always, the consumer will choose…

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6 Reasons Why Your Ecommerce Pop-Ups Aren’t Converting (and How to Fix Them)

There’s nothing more frustrating than taking the time to build and implement a pop-up on your ecommerce store and not experiencing any opt-ins or conversions from your efforts. Before you ditch your pop-up strategy altogether though, it’s worth taking some time to figure out why they aren’t working for you—and there are a number of issues that could be impacting your success. Here are 6 reasons why your pop-ups might…

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13 Actionable Tactics for Boosting New Product Awareness

You’ve done it. You put all the time and energy into designing and manufacturing a new product for your ecommerce store, and you’re finally ready to add it to your website and start selling it to customers. The question is, where do you start? Getting initial traction on a new product isn’t always easy—it doesn’t always happen naturally or quickly. So what can you do to increase the likelihood of…

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What Online Sellers Need to Know about Sales Tax on Shipping

As a product seller, you’re probably well aware of the ins and outs of collecting sales tax. But one aspect of sales tax that gets a little complicated is whether to charge sales tax on shipping charges. Sales tax is governed at the state level, and each state gets to decide whether they consider shipping charges part of a taxable transaction. Some states say all shipping charges are taxable, and…

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