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The Quick Guide to Developing Winning Holiday Email Marketing Campaigns

The holidays are right around the corner! You must have had your email marketing strategy all chalked out. As a marketer you’re faced with many questions such as: how do you propose to target new leads? What is your holiday email game plan? Who is your target audience this season? How can and will you boost your email deliverability? And much more… According to a survey, email marketing drives 20% of…

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12 Tactics For Driving Visitors to Buy Now, Not Later

To succeed in ecommerce, you have to recognize the fact that every visitor matters. Each time someone lands on your website, it’s an opportunity for you to make a sale. The problem is, there are a lot of ways to move a prospective customer from “just looking” to “buying now.” Though it’s important to have specific customer personas that guide you in building your marketing and sales efforts, it’s also…

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Amazon PPC 7 Secrets for Maximizing Return

Amazon PPC: 7 Secrets for Maximizing Return

Amazon is a community of millions of buyers—people who come to the site solely to look for products to buy. This means if you’re an online seller and you’re not targeting the Amazon Marketplace platform, you are missing out. On customers and on dollars. The added benefit of selling on Amazon is you are only competing against other products, so the field of competition is narrowed in comparison to other…

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