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Want to Get Started on Walmart? Go From 0-800 Orders With Fast Shipping

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Walmart is a great marketplace to be on. For shoppers, Walmart provides a trusted and recognizable brand name, item variety, quality, fast and free shipping, and convenient shopping experience.

For sellers, the Walmart Marketplace provides access to 110 million unique visitors per month for minimal costs. Walmart has no monthly account fees, low referral fees, and a simple cost structure. It also has a smaller seller base than marketplaces like Amazon, which lessens your competition on the platform.

With so many perks, it’s no wonder Walmart is the top choice for Amazon sellers looking to expand to a new marketplace.

However, it can be difficult to get the momentum going when starting from scratch on a new platform. That’s where Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping comes in.

We’ve had front row seats to how Walmart’s fast shipping program has affected Marketplace listing sales, and in this post we’ll share the early results as well as how to get on the program.

What is Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping?

Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping is Walmart’s fast shipping program that promises free shipping and delivery within 2 days for all eligible listings (which will have a Free 2-Day tag). It launched on Walmart in 2017, but was only opened up to Marketplace sellers last October 2018.

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Tip: Sellers who fulfill with Deliverr are prequalified to get on this program and have fast shipping tags appear on their listings.

Why is 2-day shipping vital for Walmart sellers?

Fast shipping programs are making waves across marketplaces, not just Walmart. Amazon has Amazon Prime, eBay has eBay Guaranteed Delivery, and so on. That’s because providing an excellent customer experience with seamless fulfillment is key to loyal shoppers and competing on service instead of low prices. It’ll protect your margins, which is good for marketplaces as well, while keeping your shoppers happy and well-served.

Higher chance of winning the buy box

There are a number of factors that go into which listing gets the buy box, and which listings are condensed into a simple “X other sellers” line. In addition to factors like price and listing quality, shipping options play a key role in who wins the buy box and beats out the competitors.

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Prominence in search

Getting Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping tags helps your listings stand out in search with their bright green splash of color, as well as helping you gain visibility over competitors when shoppers filter for fast shipping.

We did a study of the Walmart website, and discovered that even without filtering for 2-day shipping, search results prioritize listings that have Free 2-Day Shipping tags.

Increased conversions

With 2-day shipping, you capture last minute shoppers, shoppers who have grown to expect fast shipping, and customers who simply don’t want to wait for their orders. That, coupled with higher chances of winning the buy box, getting more visibility over competitors, and ranking high in search will result in increased conversions.

Early results of Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping

From 0 to 800 monthly orders

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Sellbrite seller Earthwise Bags was a top 2,000 Amazon seller who wanted to expand to Walmart. They were self-fulfilling Walmart orders, but couldn’t guarantee nationwide 2-day shipping, so they weren’t getting the Free 2-Day Shipping tags.

They switched to Deliverr for fulfillment and immediately got 2-day shipping tags on their listings, and quickly ramped up from just a few orders per week to 800 per month.

Reaching the 1st place in search results

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Sellbrite seller DRIVE Auto Products reached 1st place in search results for one of their main terms, “car trunk organizer,” after activating 2-day shipping with the help of Deliverr. We watched as their listing went from the bottom of page 2 to the very top of search in a steady climb. In addition to hitting the top of search, they also saw a 500%+ increase in sales.

300% sales increase

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Redfox Retail was making steady sales on Walmart even without 2-day shipping, but they wanted some help with fulfillment, and turned to Deliverr. They became eligible for 2-day shipping tags, and took advantage of it.

Within a week of activating Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping, their sales had increased by more than 300%.

Get pre-approved access with Sellbrite + Deliverr

Sellbrite sellers can use our Deliverr integration to get pre-approved access to Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping. Deliverr is an outsourced fulfillment provider that integrates directly with Walmart and can handle fulfillment from order to door. Want to know what your costs will be? Calculate your fulfillment costs.

You’ll be able to opt for 2-day shipping from within your dashboard, and won’t have to worry about uploading tracking numbers or keeping up with service level agreements. Just activate the integration and get started today.

Sellbrite exclusive webinar

Want to learn more? Join us for a webinar on Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping: 5 Months In.

In this webinar, Sellbrite partners with Deliverr and Walmart to discuss how fast shipping tags have affected Walmart sellers since they were launched for Marketplace in October 2018. We cover case studies such as the ones above, and the best way for Sellbrite users to get 2-day tags on their Walmart listings.

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