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Read These Articles on Search Marketing

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I want to share two recent articles on search marketing that I felt were really valuable.  As it gets harder (and more expensive) to drive traffic to ecommerce sites through traditional paid search, sellers must constantly focus on building their SEO to draw in customers and demonstrate their value proposition.

The first article reflects on SEO trends that have taken shape over the last few months and will likely continue well into next year and beyond.  Pay attention to points 1 – 3, which address contextual search (for your in-house PPC person), schema markup (for optimizing the way your search results appear to potential buyers), and user experience. To summarize this last point, the days of “dirty retail” may be over. Start thinking about how YOU would want to shop your site if you were just landing on it for the first time, because that is exactly what Google is doing!

4 Recent Changes To SEO That Are Vital To Holiday Retail Strategy

It’s the holiday season again, and while certain sectors may be winding down for a relaxing month of festivities, online sellers are revving up their retail strategy. It’s a crucial, make-or-break time of year for retailers to excel in customer service, gift-wrapping services, and, of course, search.

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The next article is one I am particularly excited about. Google+ (click this link and follow us!), which is my favorite social medium due to it’s beautiful interface, wide customization options, and key relevance to Search, has just announced an incredible new opportunity for advertisers: the ability to create a post on Google+ and use it on the Google Display Network as an ad – interactive, conversational, vibrant. The feature is called +Post Ads, and it is so cool!

If you aren’t yet using Google+ to build a connection with your audience, you are missing out, and I would be happy to talk with you more about why (that’s another post though!). This article is actually a video conversation between a few of the more famous Google+ experts out there, Mark Traphagen and Martin Shervington.

Google lets marketers turn Google Plus posts into ads

Google have announced that they are trialling a method for Google+ content to be distributed through their 2million strong display network i.e. on publisher’s websites. This enables posts to appear when a smaller version, embedded in a page, is clicked.

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