Product Listing on Amazon

Creating a Unique Amazon Product Listing: A Step-by-Step Guide

Consumers at a shopping mall get to know brands through storefronts. After handling inventory, seeing how a shop is designed, and talking to employees, buyers form an impression of the business and decide whether they want to make a purchase. As an Amazon seller, your product listing is your storefront. Like a window display attracting shoppers, your listing title and image on a search results page get buyers to click.…

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Sell Smarter on Amazon: The Metrics You Need to Be Tracking

Every ecommerce seller knows the rule — utilize your data to increase sales. Though everyone may have heard this rule, not everyone knows how to use data to increase their revenue. With so many metrics to track, it can be difficult to know which ones to focus on and improve. Sellers on Amazon who want to boost their revenue have to consider a unique set of data. Their account metrics…

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What to Do If Your Amazon Account Gets Suspended

With 2 billion monthly site visitors, Amazon strictly regulates sellers to preserve the high quality of its marketplace. Most sellers have no problem following these policies since they’re eager to access Amazon’s 2 billion site visitors shopping for products each month. Having said that, Amazon’s rules are quite strict. Even the best of sellers have had their accounts suspended. [Source] Luckily, suspension is not the end of the world. Sellers…

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Sellbrite Success Story - All About Shapewear

Success Story: All About Shapewear Grows From 40 Product Listings To Over 2500

Growing a retail business is hard, particularly when you are ready to add your second sales channel. Click to read the Success StoryRobinsson Botero learned firsthand how hard it is after launching his first Shopify store selling women’s shapewear. At the time, he only sold 20 SKUs on eBay, but managing pricing, inventory, and orders was already becoming too much between the two platforms. In order to expand his business,…

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Sellbrite Case Study

Success Story: Labelle’s China Manages 30k Inventory Items With Sellbrite

Every multichannel seller knows that when you first start expanding your business, you deal with serious pain. Then, you get wise and look for a solution to heal the pain! Click to read the Success StorySusan Labelle is a self-starter and longtime eBay seller. She found out about Sellbrite while looking for help moving her products from eBay to her own ecommerce website. Suffering from spreadsheet template issues, inventory tracking…

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When Marketplaces Are More Profitable Than Your Own Store

For the longest time, I was under the impression that selling on marketplaces will always be less profitable than selling through your own store. Perhaps some of you share the same impression. In this post, I’d like to explore this idea in depth with some cold, hard facts… and a little math! At first glance, selling on marketplaces would clearly seem to be less profitable than selling on your own…

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#AmazonDomination Pt. 3: Creating A Unique Product Listing

Welcome back to the #AmazonDomination series; it’s been a few weeks but we’ve got a ton of new info for you! In part one, you saw how to do keyword research using the Google Keyword Tool. In part two, you saw how to brainstorm for good keywords that will draw shoppers in. Now you are in part 3, where you take that research and use it to build your product…

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