ecommerce product packaging

Why Product Packaging Design is Important to Ecommerce Success

Ecommerce brands like Birchbox and Harry’s have found a way to create exceptional product experiences online that transfer over to the real world. Specifically, both use unique, custom-made product packaging design as a tangible representation of what they each stand for. Both brands have managed to create the expectation of exceptional customer experience and quality—with their packaging. But let’s be honest, the product is what’s important, not the box it…

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Amazon ecommerce lessons

6 Ecommerce Lessons for Why Amazon is so Successful

Amazon has come a long way from its humble beginnings as an online bookseller. Since its launch in 1994, Amazon has grown to become an ecommerce behemoth. These days, it’s one of the first places shoppers turn to buy anything from cleaning products to the latest tech gadgets. And with over 564 million products sold in the U.S. alone, Amazon is the uncontested ecommerce leader and continues to grow and…

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Boost conversions on product pages

15 Best Practices for Boosting Product Page Conversions

Sales shouldn’t be the only thing you celebrate — product page visits are worth a cheer as well. They indicate that someone is well on the way to becoming a customer. They’re one of the first steps in the right direction. These visits only happen because of a lot of work — engaging marketing campaigns, strategic pricing, and captivating, high-quality product photos. But all of that effort goes to waste…

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multichannel cash flow

Improve Your Cash Flow With Inventory Management

Growing an online business is incredibly difficult without healthy cash flow. If customers / sales channels are slow to pay, a seller can’t pay their suppliers and employees. Without paying suppliers and employees, there’s no inventory and no people to operate the business. A business should always be striving for positive operational cash flow. With greater inflows than outflows, a company has extra resources to grow and expand. The key…

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ecommerce UGC on Instagram

The 9 Best Ecommerce UGC Campaigns on Instagram

You’re browsing Amazon listings looking for a new frying pan, and you have no idea which kind you should buy. You narrow it down to three types. They’re the same price, they all look relatively identical, and you don’t have any associations with the brand names to draw on. They’re pretty much all the same frying pan except for one key difference. One of the pans has a bevy of…

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mobile commerce tips

How to Prep for Mobile Commerce in 2018

Over the past 17 years, consumers have been spending increasing amounts of money online. Ecommerce sales jumped from $7.3 billion in Q3 2000 to $115.3 billion in Q3 2017. But in recent years, buyers are getting even more flexibility and accessibility with online shopping—thanks to the rise of mobile shopping. Mobile commerce is growing in popularity as technology improves. Phones and tablets are now as capable as basic computers with…

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Ecommerce business formula

Formula For A Profitable Ecommerce Business

You don’t need a fortune to start an ecommerce business. Without a physical store, maintenance expenses and (usually) labor expenses are significantly reduced for online sellers. With these low startup costs, many merchants flock to sell online with the hope of making an easy profit. Selling online, however, isn’t automatically profitable. Merchants have to stay ahead of fierce ecommerce competition and account for unique online selling expenses, such as marketplace…

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make your ecommerce store successful

20 Killer Tips to Create a Successful Online Store

Major marketplaces, like Amazon and eBay, come with restrictive seller policies. These venues downplay merchants’ branding to maintain their own homogenous image. Sellers with their own online stores play a different game. They have complete control over their customers’ experiences. Whether it’s rearranging product placement or highlighting a store sale, merchants can use their website to directly connect with their customers and encourage purchases. But with so much freedom, online…

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We Analyzed 1,160 Ecommerce Sellers and Here’s What We Found

55% of buyers go straight to Amazon when they shop online. Is selling on the most popular marketplace the key to maximum profits? Not quite. Mega marketplaces, like Amazon, may offer high visibility, but other online selling platforms offer equally important advantages. A smaller marketplace, like Walmart, has less competition, making it an easier space for sellers to attract buyers. Individual web stores empower sellers to control their brand and…

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Sell Smarter on Walmart: The Metrics You Need to Be Tracking

Data empowers sellers to stay ahead of their future competitors. Walmart sellers face a relatively small amount of competition — the marketplace hosts thousands of sellers today, while Amazon hosts over 2 million sellers — and using data is critical to their success. Sellers who use metrics now can establish themselves as strong merchants before the marketplace gets big. By building a large customer base early on, they’ll have a…

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