increase conversion with better checkout designs

How to Drive Users to Checkout With Design

Driving conversions falls at the intersection of development, design, and marketing. This convergence is tricky. Picture this: You work hard to make the interface of your e-commerce site slick and responsive and to simplify the buying process. But for reasons outside your control, after lots of activity, the only thing you hear from some of your customers is crickets. But you can win them back! Anything from sending customer surveys…

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Three Reasons Why Ecommerce Sites Fail

Just because the internet is home to some of the biggest businesses in the world doesn’t mean that it’s easy to start a business online. In fact, it’s incredibly difficult. The failure rate for businesses in general in their first ten years of operation is close to 71%. The odds are well and truly stacked against you. However, e-commerce in particular is even more daunting – 65% of businesses fail…

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Sellbrite Multi-Channel Seller News

Twitter Files IPO, eBay Acquires, and More

Multi-Channel Seller News There were some exciting major news stories this week, as well as some great industry insights.  And I’m not even going to mention the new iPhone announcement (because you’ve already seen/read/heard enough about it).  Also, because Android is better. (Just kidding! #sorta) —   A perspective piece from Internet Retailer brings us back to the inevitable internet sales tax.  While studies suggest that shoppers are split on…

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