Sellbrite M2E Pro Comparison

How is Sellbrite different from M2E Pro?

M2E Pro is an eBay-subsidized solution only for merchants using the Magento shopping cart platform. It’s a Magento extension specifically built for sending Magento products to eBay (M2E = Magento to eBay), but they have since added Rakuten and Amazon (no FBA support). M2E uses the Magento admin interface, which some people find difficult to use.

Sellbrite not only supports Magento, but also Shopify and Bigcommerce. With Sellbrite, you can create listings on eBay and Amazon (FBA supported), as well as Etsy, from any of the shopping cart platforms we support. Our simple and intuitive interface enables you to easily manage your products, listings, and orders, all from one spot. Sellbrite synchronizes your inventory across all channels, and offers powerful cross-channel reporting so you know what’s selling where. Sellbrite was built as a multichannel solution from the ground up, integrating deeply into many shopping cart platforms and marketplaces, and is not limited to the capabilities of any one channel.