Sellbrite TradeGecko Comparison

How is Sellbrite different from TradeGecko?

TradeGecko is a general purpose inventory and order warehouse management solution for managing vendors, wholesale accounts, and invoicing. TradeGecko is a good fit for merchants who are too large for Stitch Labs and need “lite” accounting and CRM tools. Unlike Sellbrite, which can help you easily create listings across multiple sales channels, TradeGecko was not built to be a multichannel management system. TradeGecko merchants primarily run their business on their own website, as well as through B2B wholesale portals.

Sellbrite is focused on helping multichannel sellers grow their business by expanding and optimizing their sales channel presence. You won’t find Sellbrite’s simple listing functionality in TradeGecko. Sellbrite includes much of the same inventory and order functionality as TradeGecko, but less of the back-office tools.