Sellbrite Solid Commerce Comparison

How is Sellbrite different from Solid Commerce?

Solid Commerce is an older listing and inventory management solution, similar to ChannelAdvisor. Unlike ChannelAdvisor, it does not offer the same marketing services. Similar to ChannelAdvisor, integrations for each channel come at a significant cost upfront, and setup requires custom development. The platform uses custom-built Excel plugins and is very spreadsheet intensive, so it is worth considering if you are an advanced Excel user.

Sellbrite does not require advanced Excel knowledge, nor even the use of spreadsheets at all. You can create products exclusively within the Sellbrite interface or automatically build them from existing listings on your sales channels. You can also build listings easily without having to provide any additional product data upfront. Sellbrite is more affordable than Solid Commerce (their pricing isn’t shown online, but they typically take a percentage of revenue) and does not require long-term contracts or interaction with a sales agent. Most importantly, the Sellbrite Customer Success team is available to help you with any issue you encounter, with average response times of less than an hour. Reviews have shown that you will not get this kind of support with Solid Commerce.