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AutoMCF Now Supports EBay Automation for FBA Canada and FBA Europe

Amazon FBA UK and Canada

For those of you selling abroad (or considering sending inventory to a foreign FBA center), AutoMCF will now help you simplify your multi-channel fulfillment.

Today we’re happy to introduce Automated Multi-Channel Fulfillment for FBA Canada and FBA Europe!  Sellers listing their products on eBay’s Canadian or European sites can now connect to the closest Amazon fulfillment center in that region to ship their orders.

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How it Works:

[media id=”2393″ alt=”” title=”” classes=”right” size=”full”]1) Ship your inventory to an international FBA center.  For instructions on how to do that, click here.  Note: with European FBA, orders can be fulfillable to customers in any of the 27 EU countries at no additional cost via FBA Export, so you are literally opening up a whole world of new customers when you venture into Europe.  You just need to pick a home base where you’ll list/store inventory – FBA centers are located in UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain.

2) Create an AutoMCF account for your new FBA location.  This may sound obvious, but for European sellers, please make sure the Amazon site you select on the Settings page corresponds with the country to which you’re shipping inventory.  Since AutoMCF is designed to automate multi-channel orders to one FBA fulfillment center location, you’ll need a new AutoMCF account for each FBA location you wish to ship from.

3) Create an eBay account for your new region.  EBay’s network of sites is fully integrated, so a single listing on your eBay US account can be made available to all of those marketplaces just by changing your shipping settings.  However, you’ll want to take advantage of the domestic shipping options in your new country of origin, so it is best to create a new eBay listing on the local marketplace of your new distribution center.

The shipping options from eBay orders are automatically mapped in AutoMCF to FBA shipping speeds to match the customer expectation.  For example, if your customer chooses a shipping option that promises delivery within 2 days, the order will be sent to Amazon with the same requirement.


4) Connect your new eBay account to AutoMCF.  Inventory syncing for your listings will be based on the country of origin of the listing.  For instance, if you connect a UK eBay account to AutoMCF, then only listings created on the ebay.co.uk site will be updated.  So going back to point #3, it is really important to re-create your eBay listings on the local marketplace of your new FBA center in order to take advantage of this feature.

5) Profit.  Once you’ve sent in your inventory, set up your eBay account, and connected them both in AutoMCF, you’re ready for business!

Things to Consider:

 For extra clarity, it is recommended that you modify your SKU numbers for items you’re sending to a new FBA location (consider pre-fix FBA-CA for Canada, FBA-UK for UK, etc.).  This will further prevent any inventory syncing issues.

  Only orders from each region will get processed and shipped to the local Amazon FBA center.  For instance, if your AutoMCF account for FBA Europe detects an eBay order with a U.S. “ship to” address, that order will be ignored.  FBA Canada will only receive Canadian “ship to” orders, etc.  For current AutoMCF customers, this is how the system already works so you should see no difference.

  Amazon tip: If you want to list on another Amazon marketplace to broaden your reach in Europe (as opposed to just making your items shippable to browsing customers from other countries), you’ll have to create a listing for that product and sign up for Amazon’s European Fulfillment Network, which allows you to sync your listings with inventory from one location.  Hence, if you wish to list on all 5 European marketplaces, you’ll have to create 5 versions of your product listing.  The good news is that if Amazon finds a listing already in existence for that product, you won’t have to worry about translation.  🙂

We’re super excited to open up Canada and Europe for automated Multi-Channel Fulfillment, and we appreciate any feedback, comments or questions you have.  Thanks for being so awesome and for using AutoMCF, and good luck with your new venture!

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