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How To Beat Amazon, New eBay Standards, Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Multichannel Seller News

Multi-Channel Seller News:


New eBay Seller Standards Take Effect

eBay increased its seller rating standards on August 20th. Our friends at EcommerceBytes wrote up a post showing you what kinds of potential issues to look out for in the new release.

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5 Best Practices To Beat Amazon

Helpful infographic from the folks at the Bigcommerce Blog that offers some general tips for beating Amazon and grabbing the buy box. How many of these do you do well?

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4 Big Mistakes Small Businesses Make in Ecommerce

SmallBizTrends takes a look at 4 of the major factors that often self-sabotage small online retailers. Among the problem areas are poor performance at the all-important checkout phase, as well as simply not asking people to return to their store.

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Amazon Debuts Mobile POS System

Amazon debuted its own mobile POS system last week, Amazon Local Register. The move allows Amazon to not only extend a service (and commission) to brick and mortar, but also access more data around what buyers are buying, and sellers are selling.

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Bigcommerce Wins Award For Top Ecommerce Platform

A big congratulations to Bigcommerce for taking the top spot in EcommerceByte’s 2014 Sellers Choice Survey of best online ecommerce platforms! Bigcommerce edged out Amazon Webstore and Zencart for the top spot in the survey.

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Bonus Article!

5 Top Educational Podcasts For Entrepreneurs

Another week, another Forbes article from one of our customers! Bridget Hilton of LSTN Headphones shared her list of the top 5 podcasts she recommends for entrepreneurs. I think anyone reading this blog would appreciate gaining additional insight into pioneering your own way and realizing your dreams. Check them out and let us know what YOU think!

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