Bootstrapping, Content Marketing, Future Shopping, and More...

Bootstrapping, Content Marketing, Future of Shopping, and More

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Attention sellers, visitors, and friends! After a far-too-long break from your Multi-Channel Seller News updates, we’re back in action. Here are a few stories that we feel are worth a few minutes of your attention this week…

Multi-Channel Seller News:


3 Keys to Bootstrapping a Consumer Products Business

Check out this article from one of our awesome customers, Joe Huff of LSTN Headphones, where he shares some of the lessons learned from his experience running 2 successful consumer products businesses.

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5 Ecommerce Content Marketing Ideas for August 2014

Good ideas from our friends at Practical Ecommerce with ways to enhance your content marketing campaigns this month. I particularly like the one on curated lists… (see what I did there?)

Read More at Practical Ecommerce

[hr style=”line”] Invests in Personalized Shopping, Challenges Amazon

Wal-Mart’s ecommerce sales grew 30% last year, yet registered only 1/6 of in the same period. Wal-Mart views Amazon as their single biggest threat, and the retail giant is taking measures to implement some of the same features that has made the marketplace giant successful.

Read More at ABC News

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11Main Parent Invests Heavily in American Tech Scene

It’s been fascinating to watch 11Main parent Alibaba’s entrance into the American market. The world’s largest online retailer has made investments in messaging, video games, sports memorabilia, and of course, ecommerce marketplaces. We’re watching closely to see how 11Main develops as a competitor to Amazon and eBay for the wallets of the North American consumer.

Read More at NY Times

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Huge Ecommerce Void in Specialty Foods Market

Only 15% of American adults have made an online purchase for food items, as opposed to 70% for clothing and other categories. Yet, the market for specialty food continues to grow. There is still a massive opportunity to penetrate the $600B grocery industry with online distribution.

Read More at Business Insider

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Bonus Article!

Future of Shopping: When Apps Shop For You

Cool article on ReadWrite about the future (and in some instances, the now) of ecommerce. Window shopping from your favorite marketplace, apps that automatically list and sell your old items, private designer showings via video chat… the article spotlights some of the cool things eBay and Google are up to.

Read More at ReadWrite