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5 Key Things to Know About Email Marketing for Ecommerce

Most brick-and-mortar store shoppers find it annoying when a salesperson constantly shadows them. Even though it’s meant with the best intention, customers get uncomfortable when they know the salesperson is just trying to push a sale. Email marketing works similarly for ecommere companies. When you

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Facebook Ad Content

Five Ideas For Generating Facebook Ad Content

Advertising is hard; there’s no two ways about it. Due to its fluid and ever-changing nature, many would argue that advertising on Facebook is even harder. The sheer amount of variables you need to take into account can be staggering and daunting. A major piece,

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Market A Niche Ecommerce Store

6 Cheap Ways To Market A Niche Ecommerce Store

If you’re tired of reading articles and blog posts that seem more appropriate for enterprise class ecommerce websites backed by an unlimited marketing budget, this post is for you! Lots of ecommerce businesses out there are “one man bands” – or even mom and pop

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Content Marketing Tips

How To Crush Content Marketing For Ecommerce

Photo credit to Nathan Peck of Content marketing is the cool kid on the block lately. Maybe you’ve read a few articles about it already and decided that you just don’t have the time to get started with this – especially if you want

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Facebook Ads

Why You Can’t Ignore Facebook Ads

Facebook ads – you probably either love them or hate them – but if you are in ecommerce, you better cozy up to them quickly. Merchants are seeing 500%+ returns from Facebook ads – you simply can’t ignore that kind of Return On Ad Spend

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Why Customers Use Social Media

Why Customers Use Social Media

Photo credit to Flickr user melodievj10 Over the last several years, owners of ecommerce businesses have been increasingly looking to social media marketing to increase their sales. Understanding how and why customers use social media is the key to making these efforts a success. This

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