Multichannel Seller News - Paypal After eBay Split, and More

Amazon Prime Grows, Buys Endicia, Paypal After eBay Split, and More

Multichannel Ecommerce News


Multichannel Seller News

Welcome to this week’s Multichannel Seller News update. Articles this week include Amazon Prime beating up on Walmart and Target, Paypal’s plans after the eBay split,’s next acquisition, and the new Alibaba sourcing app for Bigcommerce, plus a lot more.

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Walmart and Target getting beaten by Amazon Prime

walmart and target getting beaten by amazon prime

This report from Forbes summarizes some compelling stats on Amazon Prime. Of the estimated 40 million subscribers to the program, less than 1% are likely to buy from other major retailers during their online shopping sessions.

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[hr style=”line”] acquires Endicia acquires endicia continues to acquire its competitors. After buying the user-friendly solution ShipStation, they set their sites on Endicia, paying $215m cash for the company. Way to go, Endicia! 🙂

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Paypal to work with Amazon after eBay split?

paypal to work with amazon

One result of the pending Paypal / eBay breakup is that Paypal will now be free to work with other major shopping partners, including Amazon and Alibaba. Paypal will have to offer eBay the same rates as any of their other competitors.

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7 tips for ecommerce content marketing success

tips for ecommerce content marketing

If you don’t have a content marketing strategy for your ecommerce website, you are missing out on a key driver of sustainable, organic traffic. Practical Ecommerce is one of our favorite sources for quality content marketing ideas and tips.

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Why eBay sellers expand to Amazon

ebay sellers moving to amazon

This retrospective from EcommerceBytes shows many former eBayers have now expanded to other channels. If you are a single channel seller looking to expand to more marketplaces, we can help you.

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Bigcommerce launches Alibaba sourcing app

Bigcommerce Alibaba sourcing app

Bigcommerce has launched an app within their own app store that now makes it even easier to source product from Alibaba for your ecommerce business. The only question now is, what should you sell?

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Bonus Article!

Million dollar FBA seller case study

successful fba seller

This article from Webretailer profiles a successful FBA seller and private labeler, who shares his tips for success. This is a must-read for any ecommerce entrepreneur.

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