Shabbir Nooruddin

Shabbir Nooruddin

Shabbir Nooruddin is a regular contributor to the Sellbrite Ecommerce Blog. He is an ecommerce entrepreneur and the founder of Bootstrapping eCommerce, where he writes about how to build a successful online business on a tight budget.

Ecommerce business formula

Formula For A Profitable Ecommerce Business

You don’t need a fortune to start an ecommerce business. Without a physical store, maintenance expenses and (usually) labor expenses are significantly reduced for online sellers. With these low startup costs, many merchants flock to sell online with the hope of making an easy profit. Selling online, however, isn’t automatically profitable. Merchants have to stay ahead of fierce ecommerce competition and account for unique online selling expenses, such as marketplace…

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Amazon PPC: 7 Secrets for Maximizing Return

Amazon is a community of millions of buyers—people who come to the site solely to look for products to buy. This means if you’re an online seller and you’re not targeting the Amazon Marketplace platform, you are missing out. On customers and on dollars. The added benefit of selling on Amazon is you are only competing against other products, so the field of competition is narrowed in comparison to other…

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Video Marketing

Video Marketing: An Untapped Opportunity

Over the past few months, I’ve found myself using more and more of one social media website. It’s not Facebook. It’s not Twitter. It’s not even Pinterest. It’s YouTube. I don’t spend my time watching cute cat videos – although that’s not such a bad way to relax on a lazy weekend – but instead, I do research. I learn new things. I find it much easier to watch an…

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Ecommerce Leaky Bucket

Is Your Ecommerce Store A Leaky Bucket?

Photo credit to Flickr user Alena Lobanova Let me tell you a story. It’s kind of like Jack and Jill went up the hill, but this time, there’s just Jack… And the hill is optional. As soon as Jack reaches the well, he fills his pail of water just below the brim. It’s a long walk home, so he trudges along, but doesn’t notice that he is leaving a trail…

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Negative Feedback On Amazon

Handling Negative Feedback On Amazon

Photo credit to Flickr user starmanseries Social proof can make or break a business, and there’s no form of social proof quite like seller feedback. Especially on Amazon. Amazon allows 2 kinds of feedback: product-related feedback (reviews) and seller-related feedback. This system is heavily skewed: the standards that products and sellers are held to are very different – and as a seller on Amazon, you’ll have to be wary of…

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7 Tricks To Get More Email Signups

Email, email, email. Everyone wants to get more email signups, and the numbers keep suggesting that no amount is ever enough. It’s perhaps the cornerstone of every marketing strategy. If you were a blogger, then the single most important conversion metric to you would be your opt-in rate. It’s what you test, experiment with, and monitor in your quest to get more email signups. But since we are all ecommerce…

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Products To Sell Online

Finding Products To Sell Online

Photo credit to Flickr user katplum Everyone wants to sell online nowadays, right? It’s the latest thing to be doing – and the potential really is unlimited. However, most of us get stuck at the same point. What should I sell? Or, what else can I sell? We’re tempted to sell “cool” things like iPhones and laptops, figuring that those products probably sell the best. And you’re right – sort…

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Manufacturing Your Own Products

Manufacturing Your Own Products For Ecommerce

Photo credit to Flickr user Ted McGrath When you sell online, you have a choice of doing three different kinds of selling. The first is reselling physical products that you can buy via wholesale or drop ship. These products are usually manufactured by other companies and are available to most anyone who wants to sell them. The second is selling (or reselling) digital products, like videos, ebooks, and software. These…

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Pros and Cons of Fulfillment By Amazon

Photo credit to Flickr user governorbillhaslam One of the greatest challenges a growing merchant must face is warehousing inventory. After a certain point, you’ll outgrow your garage or basement and will have to find a location to store your items. The cost of real estate can quickly add up; on top of that, warehouse logistics (picking, packing, and shipping) is a totally different challenge itself. Luckily, there is a solution…

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How To Take Perfect Product Photos

How To Take Perfect Product Photos, Part 2

Last time, we covered a little bit of science and photography basics – how to use a digital camera properly and how to make the most of the settings to take perfect product photos. In this post, lets dive into the details of how to set up your in-house photography. Of course, you could outsource photography to a professional studio, but that would probably set you back a good deal…

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