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The Complete Guide to Shopify Payments

When paying for products, customers prefer stores that make the payment process easy and smooth. So the importance of having a payment gateway that makes checking out uncomplicated cannot be overemphasized. Payment gateways are platforms, like PayPal, Square, and Stripe, that process credit card payments

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woocommerce dropshipping

WooCommerce Dropshipping: The Ultimate Guide

Have you ever wanted to start an online store but didn’t want to deal with inventory management, fulfillment, shipping, or any other ecommerce shenanigans? Then dropshipping might be perfect for you. Dropshipping is an order fulfillment method where the seller doesn’t make or stock products but

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how to use WooCommerce

How to Use WooCommerce: The Complete Guide for New Sellers

Global retail ecommerce sales increased by $926 billion between 2019 and 2020, according to eMarketer. Of those numbers, WooCommerce powers 30% of ecommerce stores, making it a popular choice among ecommerce sellers. So what is WooCommerce? It’s a free WordPress plugin that adds ecommerce functionality to WordPress websites.

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WooCommerce variable product

How to Set Up Variable Products in WooCommerce

When a customer wants to buy a t-shirt, chances are they will be looking for variations of that shirt with different designs and sizes. In WooCommerce, these variations are known as variable products. With the WooCommerce variable product feature, you can create specific products that have

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ecommerce experts

22 Ecommerce Experts to Follow on Twitter

Most people think of Twitter as a dumpster fire of strong, opinionated content—not a library of knowledge. But for ecommerce sellers, the platform is incredibly valuable for learning how to build and grow an online store. Finding people to follow isn’t that hard. But filtering

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pattern by etsy

Is Pattern By Etsy Worth It?

Picture this: Your Etsy shop just turned a year old, and it’s booming. You’re wondering if you should start an online store in addition to your shop.  With Pattern by Etsy, building an online store doesn’t have to be separate from Etsy. Launched in 2017,

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woocommerce pricing

WooCommerce Pricing: 7 Factors to Consider

WooCommerce is one of the most popular platforms for setting up an online store. According to BuiltWith, WooCommerce has 30% of the market share for websites using ecommerce technologies. Its popularity isn’t a surprise—the tool offers plenty of store customization features and is free to

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ebay block buyer

A Guide to Blocking an eBay Buyer

For eBay sellers, customer interactions come in all shapes and sizes. There are wonderful shoppers you wish could be every customer, and there are the very unpleasant ones you never want to speak to again. Ideally, you want to make every buyer interaction a positive

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